Wednesday, March 09, 2005

you is talkin' loco and i like it

tuesday....didn't do all that well on the sociology quiz, i'm kind of slacking off this semester and i don't know why. i think it's b/c i'm taking one less class so i feel like it's ok if i slack off. dropping that one class was probably a bad idea now that i think about it. even though the prof probably would have been my worst nightmare. oh plus it was blizzard-like out after monday being gorgeous, so that sucked. after the quiz i went up to lunch w/ steve and ashley and kelB ended up coming up there! and we were all up there for a while and found out that school was closing at 330...whatttt the hell! why couldn't it just close at 2p! but no, i had my class and patterson actually kept us for a while despite the weather. went to the gym, ran on the treadmill and my hips hurt today from that, wheee. then what..oh, kelly told me that they were ordering chinese food, so i headed over to 102 and a bunch of us all ordered food in but instead of getting something i always get, suz and i decided to branch out...and we were not rewarded! whatever the heck i got was like, deep fried and disgusting and i could only eat 2 bites of it and i felt sick, so that was pretty dissapointing.
ummm and thennn kel and i decided to get rid of some of the extra beverages that were lying around the apartment...i mean really they were just taking up space ;-) we had another good talk with ashley, made pizza and muffins (have you noticed a trend yet?) and then gumguy, jared, twin jared, and steve (i knooow it was crazy! kelly and i were so surprised to see him) and they were there for a while then they were heading back to smith so i left w/ them to brave the frozen tundra outside.
got back to smith and i headed down to bodei's room and found out that there were blair kids (blair wrestlers no less) hanging out in someone's room on my floor! turns out the guy was a freshman my senior year and we ended up talking for a while all about blair...which was apparantly so annoying that it drove steve out of his own room...sorryyy. but that was really cool b/c i hadn't seen a blair kid in so long. so he and his friends left and i went down to jared's room to say hi and he and steve were teasing me so i got mad and left (complete with door slam, how dramatic) but it all ended up alright. and i went down to visit manny for a little while and talk to him about some stuff, then sleeeep at like 4a. then i woke up at like 755a..whyyyy. and i couldn't really fall back asleep.
1230 class, watched a movie which meant i slept (see the slacking?!), then class at 2p, which was just review so i brought my laptop and pretty much talked on aim the whole time (s...l...a...c...k).
after that class kel came by smith to pick me up b/c we had to take ashley to the hospital! she's been sick for a while and finally decided to get to the doctor and get herself checked out. we got there around 330p and didn't get back to campus until about 9p..eeee. slowest moving ER i have ever seen in my liiiife. but kel and i left for a little while to get something to eat and bring ash back some food so that broke up the time. plus kel and i entertain ourselves so easily b/c we make fun of everything and we laugh at the stupidest stuff so the time didn't pass as slowly as it could have.
aaand now i'm here, showered, and now i'm going over to 102 for "ladder 49" oooo! firemen!


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