Monday, March 28, 2005

in no mood for clever titles

because i'm sick and i've been sick pretty much since my last blog update! which was last saturday so let's get this over with.
sunday i started feeling crappy but not too bad, so i decided that i'd go into the city on monday and visit suzy and come back tuesday. bad move. i had fun but i probably should've stayed home b/c by tuesday night i was a mess. well first of all i almost passed out in the subway station on my way home, that was a pretty big sign that i was headed nowhere good. my temp hit 103.7 (which, my mom was quick to point out, is also a local radio bout that) and for the next couple days i was pretty immobile and my head was killing me and my mom was going through her whole nurse routine (she really is a nurse) thinking up all the wonderful things that could have been wrong with me and then telling me what they do at the hospital to cure you of them. thaaaaaaaanks mom. anyhoo i had the same symptoms that ashley had when she was sick for like 2 weeks, and i did not want to be sick that long so i called el doctor and told him what was up and he gave me some meds and told me i had a sinus infection...wha? i was hoping for something a little more severe than that considering how crappy i felt, but oh well.
sunday was easter and my mom made a huge delicious meal that i could barely eat :-( she made ham and sweet potatoes too, i'm so sad i couldn't eat them all. but it was tasty. then i packed up and headed back to school.
hung out w/ steve and he gave me 2 projects: a book to read and a movie to watch. the movie shouldn't be too hard to find time for but i don't know how i'm gonna find time for a book. we shall seeeee. then kel came over yaaay! and she eventually had steve set up the nintendo and once again schooled the boys. good job shepatone!
umm that's all for now b/c i really only updated to waste some time...i'm working on a sociology presentation that i really don't feel like doing but i have to! b/c it's due thursday wheeeee. bye bye.


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