Tuesday, September 07, 2004

thank god for classes.

i can't tell you how happy i am that classes start tomorrow. i mean don't get me wrong, getting up at 7am and spending the day doing stuff for freshman was a BLAST...but i'm glad that i get to do stuff that pertains to ME now.
sooo let's see. today was laptop day for the little froshies, so at the crack of dawn i was over in the tech building helping set up. and it ran so smoothly! no i'm kidding, it didn't. the boxes of laptops weren't all in the right rooms, there were random laptops everywhere, but i have to say that Room 101 was really awesome and we pulled it together! so we did for about...4.5 hours. then i took a walk over to Wash w/ stacey and checked out her room, very blue, very cute. then we met up with some people at lunch under the tent.
oh my dad also came by today to give me a fun chair from target (the one everybody has, except mine is pink!) and a mirror. so anyway kelly asked me if i wanted to go to old navy, and since i haven't been off campus since....well a while, i said sure and a whole group of us went. old navy is awesome i love shopping there! $5 teeshirts. $5!!!!! who can beat that?! so that was fun, but kel and the other girls wanted to go out to eat, but suz and i didn't so we came back to campus, i went upstairs and collapsed in my brand new chair..soooo comfy.
last night was my first night on duty, and it was pretty slow, i expected more trouble but i guess a lot of people went off campus. smart choice. but i kind of realized that i've done absolutely nothing to get ready for classes, soooo perhaps i should get on top of that?? like make sure i have all my books?! hhmmm. yeah i'm gonna get on that.


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