Thursday, September 23, 2004

whaaaattttttt is going on.

sometimes things just confuse me to the point where i throw my hands up and say "hands! i'm confused." not really i just say "i'm confused." then i talk to my girls about it and they are also confused, then we're all confused and it's such a VICIOUS CYCLE! and apparantly it's taking its toll on me b/c i just tried to take the cap off my drink, but it was already off so i was just twisting endlessly wondering why the top wasn't coming off. ggrrrr.
anyway. what's been going on. leah sent me an awesome birthday card, and when i say awesome, i mean there was a picture of michael phelps in his speedo in it. and really can you get more awesome than THAT???? no. meow.
yesterday kel and i went to the mall, and debby came along with us. kel was looking for a homecoming dress, which she didnt' find but she (and i) bought some other stuff! hehehe oops! (vicky, i really need you to come back from italy and be the meghan-bag police. i've bought 3 in the past 2's unhealthy.)
so i was thinking about going to see vicky over spring break in florence b/c student universe had what i thought was $240 round trip tickets to rome! HELLO that's really a good deal. but as it turns out they were lying to me and they're really $400 round trip. which pissed me off to no end. so i can't go now unless by some miracle i find cheaper tickets. *sad face* but maybe now i can go somewhere else for spring break...b/c i never really go anywhere and i'd kind of like to.
the kids in that terrorism class are still pissing me off. i mean i understand they want to tell their viewpoint and make people aware of whatever they have to say, but 99% of the time it's completely irrelevant and has nothing to do w/ what we're talking about, and that annoys me. my 'social problems' class is so awful. my teacher puts hugh emphasis on the end of all her words. sooooOOOO allLLLL of herRRRR wordssss-UH sound like thisssssssssss-uh. no joke. annoyinggggggGGG-guh. my world geography class is equally as awful, but in different ways. we just split into groups and crap, it's so stupid. but there's a cute guy in it and ashley's in it with me so we write notes to each other about the cuty guy. hehe.
ok i guess that's all for now, there's dodgeball tonight htat i think i'll go check out b/c everybody said it was really fun last time...i don't think i'll play but it'll be fun to see anyway. byeeeee!


Blogger Madame Greenleaf said...

ew i just heard a line in an aerosmith song i don't think i've ever heard before..
but meghan the image of you trying to get the cap off made me laugh really hard. so thank you for that! and good god where will you put all these bags of yours?? i would send suzy but she would just join in the fun..the insanity can not be contained. salsa's out of control look out!

9:12 AM  

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