Sunday, September 05, 2004

um...yeah i don't know.

i'm sooooo tired right now. the freshman moved in this morning like it was their JOB...well i guess today it was. and it was MY job to help carry their crap up all the stairs and check them in and act painfully nice to the parents that were asking me silly questions! but oh well.
uhhh....yeah honestly i have no clue what to put in here b/c i don't even know what i wrote last time. steve and i did bulletin boards last night (last minute, as is my style.) and they're really good! and informative, i love it. and i just finished doing the bulk of my room cleaning, and discovered that a lot of flying bugs get into my room. why is that. WHY?! i hate you all, stupid flying bugs. all 500 billion of you.
i can't decide if i'm hungry or if the caf food made me my stomach is like..lurching. i bet you it's from the food. OH WAIT...ok, so after all the freshman got here, arianna and i took the golf cart out for an illegal spin, mwahahahah. it was so much fun! then we ran into bryce (no, not literally) and he asked if we were going to the soccer game, we said sure, and we drove over there with him to see the last 25 minutes or so of that...our team lost but 2 of the ra's in my dorm are on the team so i felt like i was supporting my little team of ra people! plus it was fun kind of..but i don't really get soccer so it was kind of confusing. but that's ok.
ok that's it from me b/c i don't think there's anything else interesting going on at the moment! although kelly did drunk dial me about 15 minutes ago asking me if there were any freshman boys here for her. of course there are kelly, of course there are.
ciao (that's for you people. yeah you two.)


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