Sunday, September 26, 2004

weekend recap

vicky commented on my last blog and said she didn't know where i could possibly keep all these bags...well i will tell you where i keep them. you know how they make those shoe things that hang down in the closet and you can put the shoes in them...mine isn't for shoes. it's for my bags. *i am so ashamed.*
i had a pretty good weekend, believe it or not. i was on duty friday night which was fun, got to know some of the boys downstairs *WINK* no just kidding. on saturday morning i went home, did laundry, hung out w/ the fam, and at about 4 we headed down to Ridgefield Park for my baby cousin Jenna's baptism! mass was at 5:30 and it was really nice, Jenna was so well behaved! and my dad was the godfather which was sweet, and almost all of my relatives were at the mass...which was really really nice. i felt very connected as a family. after the mass we went to dinner (sooo gooood) and i got to catch up with my aunts and uncles and play with my baby cousins! my cousin billy was there with his wife and 2 kids, jessie and TJ is really young, like under a year old, i think, but he is HUGE. like he's the biggest baby i've ever seen in my life. so at one point billy was trying to eat something so i went over and was like, 'hey do you want me to hold TJ?' and he said 'yeah that'd be really great thanks' so he handed the baby over to me and i was so caught off guard by how heavy he was and i swear i thought i was going to drop him. but luckily i have huge hips so i just stuck out my right hip and he sat quite comfortably for the next 15 minutes or so. then he was too heavy and i had to hand him off. there was a couple sitting at the same table as my dad and i, and they were from the czech republic and they had a little daughter that they only speak czech too! but she learns english too b/c that's what everybody else speaks. SO COOL. i want bi-lingual children. someone find me a foreign husband. or a guy who works for the international department of stuff and speaks like 5 languages. FIND HIM FOR ME! yay! ummm so that was fun, went back to school and didn't do a whole lot until much later. talked to debby for a while, talked to kel, then bill decided to come visit at 230am so i hung out in the apartments w/ kel, andrea, bill, and this kid joe until about 430am and didn't get to sleep until 5am. woke up at 10am. brunch w/ the girls.
we decided that we did not want to do any sort of work right away. sooo we went to the mall! kel and andrea bought dresses for homecoming (they're going for real...i guess that means i have to go too?!?!) but that was fun. back to the dorm and kel and i watched some episodes of 'sex and the city', went to panera for dinner, brought panera back, watched more 'sex', then i came back here and did work!
hahaha just kidding!!! i did nothing of the sort. i wrote some letters, watched some tv (american dreams! wheee!) had yet another fire alarm that was caused by nothing, and now i'm here, writing the blog! so have i done any work? no. am i tired? yes. will i do any work before i sleep? chances are not good. bye byeeee for now.


Blogger nellybelly said...

ah yes, i have 3 comments to add to your blog. ok reeeallly funny that you use a shoe rack for your bags!!! hahahha. i was also wondering where you keep all of them. wow. you're a bag lady! but the good kind. riiight. ok and the baby thing was really funny as well. is he one of those reeally big babies like on ricki lake? or just large. i'm thinking the latter. i hope. that's awful that you almost dropped him, but picturing it makes me laugh. haha. and oh right, at the end of your blog, you reminded me of the game ask zandar! did you have that game?? someone else did...i know it. with the crystal ball and the little wizard in it, and you ask him questions about your future and he answers them! and he used to say something like 'chances do not look good' or something to that effect. hehe! i miss zandar. *sigh* ok that's it. love you and bye!

4:18 AM  
Blogger Ane said...

I think there is absoloutely no reason to feel ashamed of having so many bags. It is totally normal for some people. Some people have lots of shoes others have bags. I am one of those too. it has many positive sides. You have a bag for every occasion, you don't spend money on drugs etc. as you always buy bags and everywhere you go people wonder where you got such a cool bag. It is good to be admired, even if an item sometimes costs more than the avarage family's weekly food budget.
Keep up the good work :-) and thanks for the tip on how to store bags...

4:42 AM  

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