Saturday, September 11, 2004

3 years.

it's hard to believe, but it's the 3rd anniversary of 9/'s really sad and depressing so i'm not going to go into a whole thing about it. but i'm watching them read off the names on tv and it's really hard for me not to break down. we all remember where we were when it happend and i hope we never forget.

i started class this week, which was really weird.i kind of forgot that was the reason i was here. and apparantly centenary doesn't like to have small classes anymore, b/c almost all of my classes have over 30 students in them, one with 45. whaaaaaat. not cool my friends. but the classes seem like they'll be ok, no big surprises or anything i'm not used to.
there are people i know i think in every class, also a good thing.
last night jeremy came to visit and we went to see 'the bourne supremacy' - sooo good!!! matt damon - so hot! but the movie was very good which i was happy about since i love the first one so much! then back to the dorm where it was quiet..i'm waiting for the night when it just all blows up and everybody is running around like crazy people. well i guess i'm not waiting, more like dreading. i hung out in steve's room watching football (blue turf! BLUE! neat.) until about 2am, then back to my room to sleeeeeep. oh and apparantly jeremy and his roomies are having an "underwear party" the end of this month that he wants me to go to. but i told him i wasn't sooo sure how comfortable i was with walking around in underwear at a party with strangers.
alrighty that's all for now. byeeeees.


Blogger Madame Greenleaf said...

do the underwear party! meghan life is not complete until you have hung out with strangers in your underwear! i swear its the 11the commandment. why don't you believe mee? just kidding..but maybe you could wear a sheet and start something new.
oh right...damn!

4:34 PM  

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