Friday, September 17, 2004

2 decades ago...

i was just a little baby! last night i went out to dinner w/ the fam to jointly celebrate my birthday and my mom's birthday! it was yummy i love going out to eat. and my mom gave me a huge box of jelly belly's...mmmm. so gooood. i also got a really fun package from lisa in the mail - she is so awesome at those things, i swear. where she gets the time i'll never know.
let's see, this week was pretty basic..i was on duty monday night, that went off without a hitch i'm glad to say. went to claaass did some stuuuff. on wednesday i went home cuz it was mom's birthday and we had a great dinner and birthday cake (that i made...well i did the icing. and candles.) then i headed back to school.
on thursday (birthday!) my dad called me at like 830am, i can only assume b/c he wanted to be the first person to say happy birthday. which he star dad! then vicky called me from italy and we talked for a while, so fun :) she was on a payphone on a corner and i could hear all the little italian cars and trucks putting by hehe! then i went to class, blah. including world geography, which is just turning out to be a nightmare. i think every class we're just going to split up into groups and answer chapter review questions. and i'm sorry but that's just not gonna do it for me. it's a waste of time and i really don't want to have to deal with that all semester! grrrr! anyhoo then history of england I, which was really good b/c patterson talked about ireland a little and i know all about that so i actually contributed in class (*gasp* shocking, i know.) and i was speaking up and everything. baby steps. i went back up to my room when class was over and got a birthday text message from lisa! which was cool b/c i had just gone to the mailroom and gotten her package. then kristin called me from italy! wooo! that was super fun too b/c i haven't talked to her in forever. oh i also had a voicemail from kate! who i haven't talked to in longer than forever and i was so happy she left me a message, i have to call her back soon.
then out to dinner, like i said...then back to the dorm for the rest of the night, trying to keep some order in here. which was fine until people started coming back from wherever they were (dance/parties) and it got a little loud. but i went to sleep and at like 3:30am i bolted awake b/c somebody either banged on my door or on the door to the room next to me and scared the shit out of me - my heart was beating out of my chest i was so startled. but by the time i got out of bed there was nobody in the hallway and i went back to bed. only to be rudely awakened at about 7am by the many trucks and construction equipment outside my window. OH YEAH. let me tell you how happy i was about that. *angry face!* so i couldn't fall back asleep. so really i didn't get a lot of sleep last night, which is annoying. but i'm guessing these guys don't work on saturday? so i should be able to sleep uninterrupted tomorrow.
anyhooo that's it for now. OH wait, lisa bought me an e.e. cummings poetry book (SO AWESOME...ehhehe) and 2 nicholas sparks books, including 'the notebook' which i can't wait to read and bawl my eyes out at. and lots of stickers. hehehe. bye!


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