Monday, September 20, 2004

le weekend

Friday: don't remember what i did...what did i do...i really can't remember so i guess it wasn't anything exciting. oh wait! kelly took me to chili's for my birthday friday night, wheee! it was so good we ate so much mmmm. then i hung out in kel's room for a while and we watched 'keeping the faith' and it felt like we were roomies again! i miss! then i headed back to smith and blah blah boringness. but someone did call me from reeves asking me to tell the person next to them to be quiet and i was like 'well i'm in smith so you should call the operator and ask for the RA on duty in reeves. then i thought it was matt playing phone tricks on me so when my phone rang 2 more times i didn't answer it. oops. if it was you - sorry! slept, up on saturday to go to brunch w/ the girls, which was dissapointing. i was going to go home but apparantly the power was out sooo i vetoed that idea. saturday night i went out to dinner w/ my grandma, aunt, mom, and bro. that was fun. back to campus! i was on duty (yay.) so kelly came over to visit me at the tail end of her "flood day" (you know what any day good enough to get a day named after it means..) and she hung out here for a while, we ordered some food, fun times! then andrea came over also and a bunch of people were hanging out in my room! yeah i know! never happends, so fun when it does! lots o' people, lots o' fun, bryce even came over to visit! went to sleep around 2a, and in the middle of the night again got a call from that kid in reeves asking me to tell the people to be quiet, HELLOOOOOO i do not live in your dorm!
sunday: brunch w/ the girls and matt! he was the only guy at this table of crazy ladies, lucky him. then i headed home for a couple hours to hang out with my dad - we watched the yankees game and the giants game and i ate oreos...mmm. i haven't had them in sooo long. that was fun then back to school for dinner and on duty...again. not as fun last night, but matt came over to smith and he hung out for a while, debby came back from her scandalous vermont weekend, and dani bought NINTENDO! so if you don't know where i am, there's an ok bet that i'm down there playing that. b/c it's so very fun.
ummm duty was boring though, went to sleep before 2a, and was awakened by the construction yet again. and it was so weird b/c i woke up RIGHT before the guy turned on that big machine and it made me cringe and i had to flop out of bed and shut the window and couldn't really fall back asleep. of course. anyway here i am. monday morning. booooo. and i have to get ready for class soooo bye bye.


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