Monday, September 13, 2004

sooo you know more than the prof, do you?

that's how some people act...honestly i don't really care, but there are things i'd rather do than sit in class and listen to other people talk...quite frankly i don't learn anything except that you don't like how things are run and you feel rebellious towards the government (good for you! keep it up. i'm sure you'll make a change someday!). but it just seems like they want to get into a cockfight w/ the prof and i feel like it's a waste of time sometimes. that's allll i'm sayin.
my weekend was quite slow so there's no need to go over the details of thaaaat so much. the dorm was quite for the most part. i talked to my girlies over in italy a couples sounds like they are having so much fun i wish i could go visit them! and a big yay to that club vicky went to that was playing bon jovi!!! so awesome. and vicky also hinted that something possibly birthday related is in the mail for meee! woo! what else.
on sunday i went to brunch w/ kel and andrea, then we went for a walk and i went back to b.s. for a little while and hung out. then back here to do some yoga. i did a lot of reading this weekend, which is always hard for me to get into when i first get back to school. i can't focus on it very well.
this morning when i woke up there was a huge cicada bug trapped in my window screens, and i didn't know what i was so i was hearing the buzzing of it trying to fly while iw as waking confusing. and im' sure you all care about that...but anyway it was really gross and i was terrified it was going to find it's way into my room! but it made it's way out so i didn't have to call somebody to help me. mmmk.
i have reading to do and i'm on duty sooo that's all for now. oh wait! on saturday night i drove kelly, andrea, nass, and bagels to wendy's new apartment for a little shindig she was having! and that was fun except that wendy's cat, tipsy, has killer claw nails and has apparantly been badly abused b/c all it wanted to do was attack me. but i'm determined to make that cat like people. so i told wendy i'd go over and play with it if she bought it nail caps or something. anyhoo the apartment is really cute and we stayed there for a few hours, then i drove us back to campus and kel, andrea and bagel went back to b.s. and i headed back to smith for the night. yeah i think that's the night i went to bed really early b/c i was so tired.
k that's all for now!


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