Friday, November 05, 2004

the killers - hot fuss

obsessed with the album!!! you should get it and see if you're obsessed with it too. then we can obsess together! or you'll hate it and i'll be like....ah damn.
anyhoo let's start this recap, i honestly don't know how i manage to NOT write in here all week, i don't do it on purpose, i swear.
so monday night i met andrea and kelly in the gym and we ran stairs and did LOTS of exercise, and after we'd been going for about half an hour, jose and victor found us and made us do more stuff. suicides, indian runs, jumping jacks, pushups, you name it, we did it. it was really fun i love working out w/ people! then bob the builder and jared came in the gym too and we were all in there for a while...til like 1130p or something crazy like that. showered, bedtime, TUESDAY.
3 classes, voted, eye doctor appointment at 4, home for din dins and to see the new explorer! which is really nice...despite the fact that i am against it's gas guzzling ways. but it's good for the winter so dad pulled the trigger and my mom can drive it around. and perhaps i can drive it around...road trip anyone? then back to school and on duty. which was pretty uneventful from what i remember. oh no wait...i think that night we updated the website. yes we did! and jared scared me b/c he hadn't eaten in forever and he was acting really weird b/c his blood sugar was super low, so i made him drink some orange juice. oh also, obviously, tuesday night was election night, so i spend most of the night watching the results come in!
wednesday, 3 classes..surprise surprise. went running w/ kel after we got out of social problems early, that was fun. class at 5..OH then kelly and i went to go eat at Panera! sooo goood. ah. i love when we eat there. theeen over to her apt for a little while to socialize w/ the girls and hang out. thursday...3 classes, got my history of england midterm back, aced it yaaay! then gave my dad a call and he suggested we go out to CB's for dinner! so met him there about 530p and we had a great dinner and some good conversation, yay dad :-) then back to school at 7 once again to be on duty (i covered for manny b/c he had to escort in the date auction) ...and thursday nights i think are the worst nights to be on duty. i hate them. but jeremy came to visit me so that was fun and he hung out here through 'ER'. then i had to yell at some drunk kids, nothing new. didn't get to bed til like 3am for some reason.
today got up, went to lunch, went running and did some other workout type things and here we are. my sunday blog should be better than this one b/c tonight i'm seeing 'the incredibles' w/ jer then tomorrow i'm going into the city w/ jeremy and kelly!!! i love the city! i wonder what famous people i'll see...b/c as you know i always see some sort of famous person when i'm in the city. so we shall seeee! adios!


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