Monday, November 08, 2004

Bobble-Head Teacher

My "Social Problems" prof talks she looks like a bobble-head doll!! It's so annoying.
anyways, friday night i saw "the incredibles" and i loved it!! so great and very funny, i recommend it! Went to sleepy, and on saturday jeremy, kel, and i took the saturn to dover and caught a train at about 10am, were in the city around 1130a and we met some of jeremy's friends for lunch at this diner type place...except that it was hideously overpriced. which i guess is what you'd expect at a place 2 blocks from Times Square. after that we walked over to the theatre at about 130p and found our seats, which were good! left of stage but only 4 rows back. The theatre was really nice it had that older look to it. The play was ok, not the best i've seen but it was fun to see anyway, then afterwards we walked around a little bit and checked out Times Square, and we figured out that there were so many people b/c the Marathon was the next day! Lots of people running around in spandex...yes it's as disturbing as it sounds.
the train ride back took FOREVER, the longest train ride of my young life...not really, it just felt that way. stopped at panera for food, then back to campus, chock full of drama.
sunday i headed home for the day at around noon, did laundry and such. oooh and my dad found a little baby mole! SO CUTE!!!! awww and i was holding it and stuff and it was so adorable i wanted to keep it, but when i was holding it in my hand it suddenly got this jolt of energy and started running up my arm, and i squealed and brushed him away and my dad and brother were laughing histerically at me. wellll at least they got a good laugh out of it. i was just afraid he'd climb up into my shirt or my hair or something and i'd be running around the yard like a crazy woman. luckily that was avoided.
watched some football w/ my dad, had some dinner, and drove back to school around 7p. walked to the hockey game around 830p and stayed for an was mucho frio in the arena, so when the 2nd period was over, jared and i walked to his car and took a Dairy Queen run, then i went over to B.S. to visit kel and the girls for a while. headed back to smith to help out with a um..situation, which ended up last til about 3am. wooooo. part of the job i guess.
slept like crap b/c i'm getting sick, and this morning i went down to get all the goodies for.....REGISTRATION!!!! da da daaaaaa! i have 4 classes i'm definitely taking, but the other 2 are a toss up. and as of right now i only have 1 class on tues/thurs. and i don't like that. b/c i'd go crazy. i also figured out that i think it's possible that i could graduate a semester early...i really think i could do it but i have to think about it and ask my advisor about it, my mom is really gung ho about it and wants me to go for it, my dad isn't sure yet, but i figure if i could save my parents the money of a semester, why not. plus then i could get going on grad school earlier possibly. or work that semester and summer and make some money towards grad school.
tonight i have an RA/RD meeting at 930p..wooo. it's supposed to last about an hour but i feel like they always end up being longer - oh right, that's b/c they do. whoopieeee. alright, gotta do some work, i have been slacking off big time. bye bye.


Blogger Madame Greenleaf said...

oh good lord i wish i could have seen the mole incident. so sad i missed it! and meghan you didn't say what show you saw in the city. what was it? and too bad you saw no celebrities. i thorry.

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