Friday, November 19, 2004

Happy Birthday Lisa!

Yay for Lisa's 21st birthday! She should have gotten her second wind by now and is probably on her...oh i would have to say at least her 13th drink. keep up the good drunk work, lis.
so obviously...i haven't written all week, but that's ok b/c now i can just give a brief recap and you will all love me for it!
basically the week was all class class class, i went running every day (!!!) and i'm really enjoying it...i've had to expand the loop i've been doing b/c the regular loop i was doing just became too easy! and i reversed it so now i'm running up the hill instead of down. i was on duty last night which was...a disaster. people were crazy loud and, i assume, crazy drunk. but whatever, kids gotta have their fun sometimes. and there was the always fun 4am knock on my door b/c someone locked himself out of his room. joy of joys. but hey, that's my job and the money's good so i can't complain!
ummm let's see....i think monday night? was it? i think it was monday night that i was, in fact, locked IN my room. yes that's right, locked in my room. i was getting ready for bed and i went to go into the hallway for something and realized... oh hey, my door won't open! hahaha...ha...ha? scared! i got really freaked out for a few seconds but then i remember that we have had to kick in my door before, so i wouldn't be stuck in there for long. so i called manny (other RA in my dorm) and he came to try and help me but the door wouldn't open from the outside either, so i called the RD on duty, meredith, and she came over and got security to kick the door into submission (didn't have to kick it open this time, apparantly a few good kicks were enough to get it back into shape..for now.). so that night and the next day i had to leave my door OPEN. and the maintenance people didn't come until like 330p, but it turned out that, surprise surprise, the door still didn't work. before i closed it i tested it and, yet again, it wasn't working. so i called Colleen (RD in my building) to come check it out and she brought her tools over and it was a whole crazy thing...long story short, the door/lock guy had to come back to campus (after having had more than few drink at his house) to try and fix my lock, but it STILL WASN'T FIXED. finally the next day it was fixed for good, and hopefully will stay that way for the rest of the year.
this morning i was supposed to help do some online survey for the freshman but the server wasn't working so that was a waste of time, and i was home by 1230p to do a whole lot of nothinnng which i love. and now i have to take my brother back to school b/c there's a school play going on!
oh and i got a postcard from vicky this week from greece (i also got one from kristin last week) so that was fun! and a little package from kate that had a great mix cd in yahoo for friends sending things in the mail! it's so fun :) bye bye.


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