Saturday, November 13, 2004

i lost an earring!!!

whyyyyyy did this happen??? i'm so sad. i don't know how i lost it :( hopefully i wasn't walking around w/ one earring for too long.
today i was over at Blair for Peddie Day and it was freeezing cold. and if i ever forget all the thing's money can buy, i know that all i have to do is drive over to Blair and i'll be reminded. sooo muccch money. everywhere. my little saturn felt so out of place! i was parked inbetween an Escalade and a Lexus SUV. and all the girls there looked like they were made with cookie cutters, it was kind of disturbing. and i didn't really see anybody i knew...and the people i did see i didn't want to talk to. but oh well.
the past week nothing really happend i don't think??? did it? perhaps. i don't think so though.
i went home yesterday and kristin called me from italy! woo! that was so nice i haven't talked to her in forever.
oh the 11th was veteran's day! yay dad!
ok i'm drawing a total blank on the week, sooooo ok goodbye for now!


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