Sunday, November 28, 2004

and happy hunting.

tomorrow hunting season opens, which is apparantly a huge deal in Honesdale, PA (kelly's hometown), b/c when i was at her house yesterday there was stuff about it everywhere. even some lady on the radio said "and happy hunting to everybody!" then she introduced the "new" vanessa carlton song 'ordinary day'....which is not new. it's like 2 years old. kel is right on when she says Honesdale can be like the twilight zone.
anywaaay let's do a lightning round of my week. last i wrote was on lisa's birthday, which from what i hear was a smashing success!! whee! saturday (last saturday...the 20th) i went down to Toms River w/ my mom and we spent the better part of the day babysitting my 2 baby cousins and got home late that night, sunday...oh right, i was hanging out at home until i realized that i had a sociology exam on monday that i hadn't studied for, so i got my butt back to school and went over to kel's apt and wendy came over and we studied our heads off! we did such a good job and we rocked the exam. monday night i was on duty, good times. tuesday was steve bodei's 21st birthday! yaay! and pretty much everybody left for thanksgiving break so i was here alone and it was pretty slow. oh right, and on tuesday i lost the bet w/ jared b/c i didn't run. so now i'll be his slave for a day at some point in the future.
wednesday morning i was up early to pack and check the dorm and head hooooome. and lucky for me, my brother re-downloaded Sims on his comp AND my dad found our old N64...ooh so much fun!! hehe. got chinese food that night, mmmm.
thanksgiving!!! so delicious and awesome. started cooking around 10am, had the meal at 3p, so much food. turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, candied carrots, green bean casserole, biscuits...i know. we couldn't eat dessert til like 9 b/c we were all soooo full. but it was a nice day with the fam, we had fun. friday i didn't do too much, yesterday i drove to kelly's house around 5p and we went to dinner and then drove to hang out w/ bill and his friend nick at bill's lakehouse about 20 minutes from honesdale. that was really fun we had a good time :)
todaaay we got up early and kelly took me to her barn to ride her horse! she gave me a mini-lesson and i'm really sore now. stupid horse...kidding! then we headed back to school and i unpacked all my stuff, went to Mama's for dinner, hung out w/ kel, andrea and johnny for a little while, then back to smith for some work, a shower, and nooooow i believe it is bed time. so there you have it, a quick recap of the past week...break was way too short and i can't wait for winter break when i can really relax...this whole break i kept thinking about all the work i have to do coming up...anyhooo i hope everybody had a good thanksgiving break, byeee bye.


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