Monday, November 01, 2004

Recap De La Weekend

Hello! Let's get this ball rolling. Friday! Got up and met my mom around 1p, was supposed to be earlier but due to some residents being ridiculously loud i didn't get to sleep until about 4am and i needed some extra sleep. Went to the P-burg mall w/ mom and we hit up H&M in a big way. i love that stoooore! new sweaters, aaaah. now if it would only get cold enough to wear them, that would be nice. hung out there til around...430p, then i drove to jeremy's house! we went out to eat at a tai food so good. i LOVE tai food. i think it might be my favorite ethnic food of all time. ah man it was so good. then we went to go see "the motorcycle diaries" - amazing film. south american is so beautiful!!! after seeing the movie all i wanted to do was go visit there and hike around like the guys in the film did. and the main dude, gabriel whatever his name is - incredible. and hot. and i love subtitled movies, they're so sexy, ya know? they are. especially this one. go see it. awesome.
back to jer's house for a little while to hang out, then hooome i went.
saturday morning up around 9 and out of the house by 10a w/ my mom to go down to Bergen County for a haircut thanks to my cousin nicole! and i think it turned out great i really like it! then we drove to ledgewood to meet my dad and bro (alex saw 'the grudge' with a girl friend of his!) and went shopping at 'kohls'! which is a great store i can't believe i've never been there before. bought jewelry and some christmas gifts (i know! go me.) then we all went to eat at Ruby Tuesdays...mmmm. then home!
watched 'the bone collecter' w/ my dad...which wasn't as scary as i thought it would be, and hello, denzel is in it. and we know how i feel about him. theeeen SNL where they made lots of fun of ashley simpson - mwaha. i don't like her at all. and johnny damon was on it - booo.
tried to sleep late on sunday but the fam is way way too loud so i was up around 9, but as it turns out that was ok b/c i took 2 naps later! dad made french toast..mmm. have you noticed that food was an important part of my weekend?! i love good food. so just kinda hung around the house, had dinner and headed back to school! oh and talked to vic online b/c she's back from greece! still in italy though.
back to school...whee. went over to b.s. to see kel for a bit, back here to sleep. todaaaay i had a presentation at 2p...oh we had our RA group photo this morning at 1130ish too. the presentation went well i guess, better than the last one. then i went to the boys soccer game for a while, then dinner, then class...then not a lot! hence the blog writing!
tomorrow is the election, i'm sooo nervous!!!! and i have an eye doctor appt at 4p so i'm going to vote directly after that! yaaaay voting! you better vote. i'm watching. bye now!


Blogger Madame Greenleaf said...

ok my eyes hurt reading that blog already (cause of the purple font) and then the shopping and ruby tuesdays part made it worse! sadness! yes the homesickness has arrived.

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