Sunday, February 05, 2006

not even going to try to update you...

...not on what's been going on since August, anyway. So i'll just give you the very basic overview. August I came back to school and did RA training, which is always bundles of fun. September 16th was my birthday which was REALLY FUN!!! if you weren't there you missed out, it was a really good time. and of course, my birthday was the day steve and i got together and became a couple! ok so all of you who saw this coming since last year, feel free to say "i told you so"...go ahead, let it out...good job.
Classes last semester were ok, except for Research Methods which totally kicked my ass and dropped my GPA. wah. Thanksgiving break was...nothing special as far as i can remember. Christmas break was though!
Over Christmas break I went down to New Orleans w/ like 130 other CC students for 10 days and we helped in the relief effort down was awesome i loved every minute of it. steve went also so that helped. We got to go into the city a couple nights while we were down there and spend some time on Bourbon Street! Great experience all around. Oh also before break, Kristin, Vicky, and Lisa all came to visit me! That was cool b/c we've never all been at my school at the same time before! My cousin Christine came to visit also, and now she's actually moved up here to live w/ a guy she met over Christmas.
RA retreat was unusual, we went into the city to see "Avenue Q" and then did some stuff at school before the residents came back. It's been a challenge living in the freshmen dorm this year but i'm making it work the best i can and not letting it get the best of me. And there's only one semester left so i can only do what works for me and focus on graduating strong.
of course i couldn't just graduate w/ a double major, what's the fun in that? i picked up sociology as a minor, so i'm taking 3 sociology classes this semester, along w/ history of new jersey and...YOGAAA! yaaay i love yoga its so much fun and it's so good for you.
hmmm the other story i wanted to tell was when steve, cherilynn brooks (works at the college and also went on the katrina trip), and i went into NYC to do an interview for an ABC show called "New Jersey Viewpoints"! how exciting!! it was a lot of fun, we took the train in and got some lunch before heading to the studio, where we saw Regis (very short and wears a lot of orange makeup....eep.) and we saw steve's fantasy woman, Sade Baderinwae. We were interviewed by Steve Bartelstein in a 7 minute long segment and it'll be on ABC on feb 12th at...530am. sooooo i'll be taping it if you don't want to get up at 530am and watch tv haha.
so that was wednesday...thursday i had my one class of the day, went to work out, and was on duty that night. friday...didn't do much. yesterday...boring.
today i'm going home for the superbowl, steve was supposed to come w/ me but he just called and said he feels sick, so that's a bummer. but it's my dad's birthday tomorrow so today is a superbowl/birthday day for him!
bye for now.


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