Tuesday, February 21, 2006

the twizzle

if you don't know what the twizzle is then you haven't been watching ice dancing on the olympics. steve loves him some twizzle. anyhoo here's what i wrote in class today for my blog:

10 minutes into class and I feel like I'm going to fall asleep, so I'm writing this out to put in the blog later! I last wrote on Friday? I think? I can't remember if i wrote about going to the mall or not, but I went to the mall w/ my mom and Christine and grandma ended up meeting us there, so that was nice. i managed to find a dress the first place i went into, yay! bought shoes and jewelry to go along w/ it and i was good to go! friday night i was on duty...oh i also went to the gym when i got back from the mall...and that was pretty boring, which is good. i'd rather it be boring than have 100 drunk freshmen walking around.
saturday i took steve to my h ouse b/c i had like 2 weeks of laundry to do and i couldn't wait any longer to do it. running low on socks and underwear! didn't want to go commando to the dance. so we went to my house after brunch and hung out there. i cooked for steve! yummy. we got back to school around 530 and were leaving for the dance at 715 so i had to hustle a little bit. stacy came over while i was getting ready (i think just to watch me get changed...) b/c she took duty the night of the dance and SOMEONE (mean RD) wouldn't let her go :(
steve and i drove up around 730 and got there w/ dave and lindsay and we were i think the 2nd table to show up. none of the buses had left from CC yet so the whole room was empty, except for the crappiest DJ i've ever come across. i don't even know what music he was playing, at some point i think he was playing really obscure 90's music - not 1 hit wonders, the songs that never even make it that far. absolutely awful. but we picked a good table and ended up having it to ourselves the rest of the night. finally other people started showing up and kelly, ang, and ash came (after a near fight w/ a certain authority who wouldn't let them on the bus) and obviously when they showed up the party was kicked up a notch. they didn't let us eat dinner til 930 which didn't leave too much time for dancing after that. but the dance was fun overall, and Lindsay got dave to dance! yay! i do have pics from the night, but they're on steve's camera and i'm waiting for him to bring the computer cable back. any day now.
sunday we slept in, went ot brunch, then i went to walmart b/c my mom forced me to do something w/ her. so i picked up a few things there, came back to school, went to the gym, and went to STeve's house for din dins. then back to school for an exciting night of...nothing. oh except of course for Desperate Housewives! love that show, and now i've gotten steve hooked on it too. mwahaha!
yesterday we didn't have classes so steve and i decided to go to Woodbury Commons, an outlet mall in new york. we spent like 4...maybe 5...hours there and i bought some stuffff. it's a huge place we had a good time walking around. interestingly there was a large international population there, and we're still not sure how/why they were there. i mean most people visiting NYC don't have cars so i'm not sure how they got up there. but anyway it was fun. on the way back we stopped at Rockaway b/c there was a skirt there i wanted to buy, and then we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner...so good. Grits, biscuits, and eggs, so yummy! then back to school to collapse from exhaustion. so now i'm in my one class of the day and i slept like crap last night so i might have to take a nap. adios!


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