Tuesday, February 07, 2006

sorry VICKY!

ok so vicky got mad b/c i said nothing happened over thanksgiving break, which was a lie. i just couldn't think of what i did so i said nothing went on, but in reality, kristin came home from st. louis b/c her dad got married on thanksgiving! and then the next day lisa came up to visit! los bandidos! and now that i think about it we really had a good time, we came to hackettstown one night and met up w/ steve and jeremy and had some drinks and then played a game at steve's house, it was fun! whee! (there vicky, happy now?)
but back to present day...pittsburgh won the super bowl, boooo. i really wanted the seahawks to win :( but steve did end up coming to the house even though he felt sick, and i feel bad b/c i made some really really good food and he just had to sit there and watch alex, my dad, and me eat it. i'm a damn good cook. but it was fun we watched the game and the commercials and then we headed back to school where the freshmen were all hyped up (and drunk?) from the superbowl parties they were at. whee.
yesterday i had a morning full o' classes but then yoga was cancelled! sad! i was really looking forward to it, bummer. but i went to the gym for an hour instead and i usually don't get to work out for that long so that was fun. sara and stacy worked out too (well...stacy worked out for a little bit but then went to take a nap. wimp. kidding!). then of course steve was on duty last night so we didn't go to the girl's basketball game, which was apparantly the most drama-filled game EVER! fights broke out, people quit the team, girls were ejected from the game, complete madness it sounds like. i still have to get the full story on that but it just figures...we've been to every game this season and the one we miss is the one w/ the most action. booo.
i already had my one class of the day today so...i guess i'll spend the rest of the day reading for my 57237567 sociology classes that i'm taking. yaaaaaaay! bye.


Blogger Madame Greenleaf said...

You didn't mention how Lisa suprised us after she was stuck all alone in the poconos at a motel with a bottle of gin. I think that is noteworthy. But yes, I'm happy now. danke.

11:00 PM  

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