Friday, February 10, 2006


hola. so i last wrote on tuesday...i was on duty tuesday night, we all know that's not too exciting. wednesday was full of classes and steve was on duty so its kind of like i'm on duty too b/c i hang out w/ him. and he started to feel sick on wednesday night so that wasn't too fun either. thursday he really felt sick so he went home and has pretty much been there ever since. i guess there's a flu bug going around campus that he caught, so that sucks.
thursday i only have the one class so i spent the rest of the day doing some work. oh and i went to the gym w/ kelly earlier in the day and then we went to lunch so that was nice! she never comes to lunch. thursday night stacy was on duty so i went over to wash to hang out w/ her, and johanna came over and we watched "just like heaven", such a cute movie....

...hold up...i'm going out! whee!

ok so that was hilarious. kelly im'd me and asked me if i wanted to go to applebees w/ her, ang, ash, and jess, but i could only go if i didn't wear a bra. so i didn't, and we went! and then on the way back we did like 4 drive-bys of the mardi gras party that was going on b/c we were trying to see who was there and if it was crowded, which it was...but we couldn't really see anybody. but it was hilarious and we were all cracking up, it was a good time!

but anyway back to finishing up my little 'end of the week' summary...thursday night the freshmen were loud and out of control and that was frustrating....but when is that not the case, really.
today (friday) i went to the gym, lunch, hubbed it w/ stacy, sara, and johanna, cleaned up my room, was a bit of a bum, then went to our katrina reunion dinner at 6p, that was ok. good food actually, yum. so they had a couple people speak and we saw some slide shows...which i was a little dissapointed in b/c the girl and guy w/ the official cameras only went around w/ a couple we saw a lot of pics of the same people over and over. after that a bunch of us went to Charlie Browns but steve and i didn't stay long b/c the smoke was bothering us. so he dropped me off and went home to rest more. then kelly im'd me and you know what happend there...

so now i'm just sitting in my room debating whether or not i should try to go to bed now or wait for more people to get back from the party so i don't get woken up later.....yeah these are the highlights of my saturday night...don't act like you're not impressed.


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