Friday, February 17, 2006

end of the week round up

well hello there. it's been almost a week since i update, that's no shocker, it takes a little while to get back into the swing of the blog.
so tuesday was valentine's day!!! and it was really fun, my first ever with an actual valentine :) steve gave me half a dozen roses and a bag full of different dark chocolate! YUM-O he knows what i like. then we went out to dinner to Enzo's pasta grill and that was great, delicious italian food and we got a little table in the corner, very romantic. then we drove to continental airlines arena for the Seton Hall vs. West Virginia basketball game!! that was my gift to steve b/c WVU is one of his favorite college basketball teams. our seats were in the upper level but right in the middle of the court, very nice. and all the people that were around us happend to be WVU fans as well so we didn't feel out of place or anything. unfortunatly, WVU lost but we still had a good time and it was a great valentine's day :)
the best part of wednesday was yoga b/c our teacher totally kicked our butts, but in a good way. we did some new exercises, i love that class. and then at the end we relax and it's so niiiice. then i went to the gym for like 15 minutes b/c i was too tired from yoga. night class almost put me to sleep (sociological theory...borrrrrrrrring). then we went over to the basketball game, which was probably the most exciting i've ever been to...we still lost by 30 points but one guy on the team scored his 1000th point and it took til the last minute for him to do it so it was really exciting! then...oh then i went to the sociology/criminal justice club meeting w/ stacy b/c they were watching a movie and ordering pizza and i wanted in on the pizza. we watched "American History X" and i'd never seen it before, very good but very disturbing.
todaaay i had one class and did lunch, then steve and i walked to quick check b/c i had to get money out, and it was so nice outside i figured we could just walk there. then we bought tickets for the dance on saturday and i went to the gym, whee!
tonight i also went to blair w/ vicky to see the play they're was pretty good but kind of long...then back here and now i'm hanging out w/ stacy! and that's all for now. tomorrow i'm going to the mall yaaaaaay. k bye.


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