Thursday, February 23, 2006

people need to start saying funny things to me

b/c then i can put them in the blog title. come onnnn say funny things to me!
so after class on tuesday i was going to nap but there was other stuff i wanted to do when i got back to my room so i stayed awake. but to do what...oh right, i took the roses steve gave me for V-day and i hung them upside down around the room - not an easy task. why? b/c since i didn't have string, i had to use rubber bands that i cut into thirds. not easy to use small rubber band pieces as string! very frustrating but i hung them up and now i just have to find out what to do after they dry. anybody? please?
stacy got out of class early and came to hang out w/ me and then steve got out so we went to lunch! then stacy and i went to WalMart b/c she needed...i can't tell you. only b/c it would be embarassing for her. and no its not condoms. anyhoo! then i went to the gym, whee! and i went around 2p so there was nobody there, yay. sometimes i like that better b/c there's more room to do some free weights and stuff w/ the big exercise ball. when all the guys are in there they mull around for 10 minutes in between lifting for 20 seconds and i feel like i'm in the way.
finished working out, showered, went up to dinner and then stacy and i had to watch "the matrix" for our Sociological Theory class, which wasn't bad, i like that movie. the rest of the night was pretty slow.
yesterday i had class til 1215 then had a doctor's appointment and didn't get back to campus til 215 so i missed yoga :( dinner, class from 5-715..which was slow until the people outside started yelling for about half an hour..then i was on duty, which was slow until our posse round at 11p. but the dorm stayed pretty quiet so i was in bed by 1a! yahoo.
now i'm in class again writing le blog. and after this i'm meeting up w/ jeremy to get some brunch, whee! and going to see vicky later! :)


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