Sunday, April 17, 2005

let me give you the lowdown

tuesday was normal, classes, fun times, then i was on duty...wheeeeee. and that was really boring from what i remember. since nobody hangs out w/ me anymore when i'm on duty.
wednesday my 1230p class was cancelled so the boys and i decided to go to Hot Dog Johnny's for lunch! mmm delicious. and not as much making fun of me as usual! i haven't been to hog dog johnny's since i was little...i think after a softball game in elementary school we went or something, it's so fun there, everybody should go. GO! then we went to rita's but only jared got something and i got an iced coffee from dunkin donuts and made it back to campus just in time for my 2p class, where i found out i was getting a history award! oooooo! i am so smart, s-m-r-t. but not smart enough to realize that if i downed an entire iced coffee in about 15 minutes that my head would be buzzing and i'd be off the wall. when will i learn? and then...i probably worked out w/ kelly and got dinner...oh and maybe this was the day that jared went home and got his quaite boards (think horseshoes but with rubber round things you throw, not horseshoes) and they had that set up in the hallway and were playing that. aaaaaand gummerson and jared said they were going to hang out w/ kel and i but once again they stood us up (i think we're starting to get the hint) b/c they had things to do. so kel and i hung out w/ the girls over in b.s. and then walked over to smith to see what everybody was up to and stopped in jared's room for a while but got kicked out of there (another hint, perhaps?) so kel left and i went to sleeeep.
thursday i got up for my 11a class but when we got there the prof never showed up and my 2p had already been cancelled sooo YAAAAAAY! no classes and a 4 day weekend por moi. um...oh, kel went up to lunch w/ me and ange came too and we sat there for a while like old time...judging everybody that came up the stairs *sigh* and then we headed back to b.s. and hung around there until kel and ange had class at 2 and i walked over there w/ them and went up to smith. ran into gumguy and jared and they set up quaites in the hallway again, so after class kel and ange came up and kel and i duelled it out for a while before we all went to the gym. then to dinner, then steve and kel and i hung out in b.s. for a while...kel and steve decided they'll be having 17 kids, and one will be named Ichabod...and one will be named something like Tyree or Anfernee. good luck with that! then steve left and christina and jess came down and we all hung out for a while, went to a party for about 30 seconds, back to b.s. and then i went back to smith to sleep.
friday for some reason i got up at about 930a and kel was already awake so we just decided we'd get the day moving and we went for a walk w/ jess and then headed up to lunch and i went up to smith and got my things together to go home. that night i went to my brothers play, 'crazy for you' and it was sooooooo good!!!!! it was so much fun i had a great time and he was amazing :-) awesome job little brother. then i drove back to school for apparantly no reason b/c when i got here everybody was gone. watched a movie and slept.
saturday i was on duty and jeremy came to get me at like 430p and we went out to dinner and he brought a movie over to watch so that was nice that i didn't have to sit here alone on duty.
today i went to my brother's play again at 2p - excellent again! is it wrong that i have a little crush on 2 of the guys in the cast? they're seniors so it's not that awful...right? don't judge!
aaand my mom and i switched vehicles b/c she was spending too much money on gas w/ the explorer, so now i have a really sweet ride here - sorry to those of you who were attached to the saturn, i was sad to let it go too but you gotta do what you gotta do.
i'm on duty again tonight and i have a looooooot of work to do sooo bye.


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