Monday, April 04, 2005

weekend update

yay i didn't wait a week to update! go me. left off on thursday, i was on duty, that wasn't so bad except i was up til about 230am and i had to be up at like 8am to get up to the barn - not a lot of sleep. anyway got up early and went up to the barn with ashley, we stopped at DD for bagels and coffee - yuummm. ashley helped me find the horse i was riding, norton (such a cute little horse!) and get all the stuff i needed together, but i pretty much tacked him up and got him ready all by myself! yay, proud moment for me! the coaches had us riding in the tiny indoor b/c regionals were this past weekend and zones are next weekend and i guess the ring that they use is really tiny so they wanted everyone to be prepared for that. so there were about 10 horses in that little indoor which made it a taaaaaad crowded but none of the horses, or people, freaked out so that was good. it was kind of a slow lesson, we really didn't do all that much b/c the coaches wanted people to work on testing and whatnot, but i felt like i did well, i love riding it's so much fun!
let's see...oh after i rode i untacked and brought norton back out to his field and then kel came up to the barn for her lesson and she told me alllll about her night and then i headed back to campus where i was going to workout but instead i did absolutely nothing that i can remember...what the heck did i do. i know kristin called me at some point and we talked for about half an hour, i was watching the news to check on the pope...oh i know! jeremy called and said he wanted to do something, so he came up and kel and i went out to dinner w/ him at mama's and then we went to the movies. that was fun, thank god i remembered, i knew i did something! i hung out at kel's apt for a while and we watched "the prince and me" such a cute movie, then i headed back to smith where it was dead. nobody was here! except for steve who was playing video games. sooo i went to sleep and slept realllll late on saturday.
woke up saturday and it was gross out, pouring rain, the perfect day for sleeping. i was supposed to go to the metrostars game but i decided not to go b/c of the weather. my mom came to pick me up and we met my grandma and brother for lunch and then went to Sam's Club - that store is out of control. and when you're there you actually think "yes, i could definitely use 2 giant jugs of listerine" i mean it's a little ridiculous. but they have cool stuff.
ummm then back to school and i went over to kel's and we were trying to figure out what we wanted to do for dinner. none of us wanting to walk out in the rain to get anything (i got soaked walking over to the apt, my umbrella was useless) and then all of a sudden there's a knock on the door. ashley opens it and there's a guy standing there w/ a pizza and a bag of salads and he was like 'i can't find the people that ordered this, they gave me a phone number that doesn't work' so ashley goes 'we'll take the food!' so we threw some money together and voila! dinner! how crazy is that? very crazy, i know. hung out there for a while, gummerson even stopped by inbetween his "errands." but the girls had to go to bed early b/c they had a horse show early sunday morning and the clocks were going ahead so they lost an hour. so i headed back to smith around midnight and went to sleep.
sunday i got up, drove home and spent the day there, started watching opening day yankees vs. red sox at home and then drove back to school after the 3rd inning. tried to do work but was down in jared's room w/ steve so i didn't really get anything done. hung out there for a long time, realized how late it was and went to sleeeeep. but not before i checked myspace to see if i had any new friends. that thing is addicting. i wish i had never made one (manny! all your fault!!).


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