Monday, April 11, 2005


once again i'm just doing this to procrastinate! but kelly's coming over to do work so i figure i'll buckle down once she gets here (yeah, we'll see how well that works out).
nothing too exciting about the weekend, saturday i woke up and went home all day..did laundry, hung out w/ my dad, cooked dinner, watched the yankee game, and headed back to school.

went over to b.s. to hang out w/ 102 and we had a great time. some new people came over and that was fun...we had "the revolution" over, aren't we special! so that was really fun, as always, then somehow it was 3am and ash and i were up babbling to each other and i figured i better head back to smith, so i did. slept.
sunday was a really fun day! went up to brunch w/ the girls and we recapped the night, and we decided that we'd spend the entire day outdoors b/c it was soo gorgeous out! so kel and i went for a long walk and then we headed over to the field behind ando to watch some flag football...the boys of the revolution were kicking some other teams butt, so kel and i finished watching that game and then started watching the smith boys but that game was kinda slow so we went over to girl's lax to see how their game was goin and suz and her man jamie met us there! then we wanted to soak up as much sun as possible so we just sad outside for a while and kel did some work, suz and jamie played tennis and i didn't do anything! which is what pretty sunny days are for. stayed out there for a while then headed inside and kel and i went to panera for dinner (aaah love panera) and rita's for italian iceeeeee! then back to cc and back to smith for me...what did i dooo...steve was on duty so i think i hung out w/ him for a while...then down to my room and to sleep.
today i was up early for an appointment then went to lunch and then class at 1230p and 2p. oh and after my 2p i asked patterson which schools he was thinking about suggesting to me for masters program irish history and he said if i'm gonna say in the U.S. then the top 4 schools are 1) notre dame, 2) boston college, 3) university of wisconsin (? random), and 4) fordham. where do i goooooooooo i say notre dame or BC, either would be amazing. i still don't know if i'm gonna follow through w/ the history masters but we'll see.
kel and i went for a run and went to the gym, then up to dinner, then i went back to smith and showered. now i'm over in b.s. with the girls and manny and i have done zero work. awesome.


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