Sunday, April 24, 2005

i <3 food network.

so much fun! you know you love it. especially emeril b/c he's AWESOME. and iron chef america! how do they do it!?
another full-week update b/c i'm a little short on time to do them every day/every other day. so here we go then. tuesday! i switched duty days w/ steve so i was on duty tuesday night. but during the day i had classes, worked out, and then somehow kel and i decided to go to panera for dinner, i don't know why we decided that. and we brought the food back to smith and chowed down, yum.
wednesday...4/20! spent the entire day celebrating! onnnnnnnnnly kidding that's not my thing. at all. but i did have class w/ many stoned people. oh i also had a quiz that day, boo. but i think i rocked it so yay. then after my 2p class kel said she and the girls were going to the baseball game and it was such a nice day out i decided i'd go as well! that was ok, not too many people there though and there isn't a scoreboard or anything so i didn't know what inning it was or what the score was or anything. back to school in time for my 630p night class, where i was allowed to leave at half time! b/c we were going over stuff in the 2nd half that i've learned 100 times so patterson said i could go. sooo then i went to rita's italian ice w/ kel...ok starting to realize where all my money went last week.
thursday...wasn't one of my better days.
friday...spent most of the day in kel's apt relaxing and doing work, went to bed early. mom came to pick me up and we went to the movies and then out to lunch, that was nice. had dinner w/ kel and nass, went back to smith to do work and sleep.
today i had to go to a presbyterian church for my sociology of religion class (it could've been any church besides catholic) so i did that at 1030a and then headed home and was home around 1p. did my laundry, fed the birds w/ my dad (he had tons of bagels from the bakeries in teaneck that needed to get rid of their bread...b/c of the jewish holiday), went up to shoprite w/ dad and bought some stuff to get me through these last couple weeks of school, went home and made dinner. then i had to switch cars again :-( now i have the old '95 ford explorer. i feel i'm being punished for bad behavior. this is the car my dad takes garbage to work in, and now i'm cruisin in it. super!!! it's ok though i don't really care. drove back to school, lugged all my stuff upstairs, parked the car, stopped in to see b.s. 102 and now i'm back in my room watching "iron chef america" and getting ready to do a couple hours worth of work. i have a take home exam due wednesday for western civ so i think i might do that now and then focus on my paper the rest of the week. alrighty bye bye.


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