Friday, April 08, 2005

it's ok, we have cheez-its!

and apparantly we have no problem eating an entire box of them. those things are ridiculously good.
sooo after i wrote on monday i had a normal day of classes, nothing exciting, put my schedule for the fall together and it's pretty good - no classes monday or friday. 4 day weekend whoop whoop! and on wednesdays i don't have class til 5p. haaahahaha! so hopefully i'll get a job over the summer that i can continue to work at during the fall, bring in some extra bar money. i mean...spending money. oddly enough all the classes i'm taking are 300 level..except one polisci class but it's 299 so it might as well be. and i'm taking photography! wheeee that'll be so fun! and steve, gummerson, and jared are all in it too...well just steve for now b/c the other 2 haven't registered yet, but apparantly the class is only open to like 8 people so if all of us are able to take it we'd make up half the class and that'd be awesome. plus i love photography i had so much fun when i took it in high school. and this also means that next spring for my last semester i will only have the take the bare minimum of classes...which i think is 4. i think you need at least 4 to live on campus. so that will be amazing.
monday night i spent working on my modern europe midterm and i didn't finish it until tuesday turned out to be 8 pages. whatttttttt? i don't know how that happend.
tuesday was manny's 21st birthday! yay happy birthday! and he definitely had himself a good old time. also that night bill called and said he was at CC so we went over to kel's apartment and hung out for a little while, went up to say hi to greg and bus. then he left and i headed back to smith and went down to steve's room and watched "super troopers" which i'd never seen and it was pretty hilarious, i enjoyed it. then gumguy and jared came down to hang out and we all stayed down there til...i don't know what time probably like 230am. that sounds about right.
yesterday....beautiful weather! soooooooooo nice! i went and sat in on a political science class b/c the new woman they hired was giving a lecture and fitzpatrick wanted me to check it out. so i did that, then i had another class, then another class at 2p but patterson took us outside and taught the class outside in the niceness! that was good. thennn i went for a walk w/ kel and ange and we went up to dinner and decided that it was too nice a day out not to um...celebrate what a nice day it was! so i headed to night class but thankfully patterson wasn't in the mood to teach so we were out by 830p and then i went back to smith quick to find out what everybody was up to, then headed over to b.s.
umm then we had a horsey meeting at 930 and we voted for captains and were there for like half an hour, then back to b.s. and we would've stayed there but suz was craving ice cream so kel and i went back out to tilly's to get some. we stopped in the gym on the way to see what this fitness challenge was all about, and gummerson and jared were in a tight race for first. Gummerson ended up taking it, sorry jared! back to b.s. and hung out, gummerson came over, had some sheppy drinks and peaced. i headed back to smith and went to sleeep.
up this morning to go see fitzpatrick to change my schedule, then 2 classes (another class outside! superrrr!). then dinner w/ steve and then time to get ready for the phi alpha theta (history honors society) induction ceremony in the chapel. that wasn't too bad, it went pretty quickly. then afterwards i introduced my parents to dr. patterson and he said he thinks i should go get my masters in irish history! HELLO! is this not my passion in life!? (by that i mean irish history..not..yeah.) it is. and he said that he knows where i could go to school too. so, clearly i'm going to have to have a conversation with him about this. but i do feel torn b/c i really like political science also and i feel like there might be more options down that road. but i love irish history so much. eeeeeeee. life decisions are hard. so after that i came back to smith and since i'm on duty i did a a round and then the boys said they were going to PANERA which they know i love. but that's cool just go without me (they're bringing me back stuff so i'm not really mad...unless they forget to bring me back stuff in which case i will be super angry). so that's the rest of my night, on duty...reading the northern ireland conflict book steve gave me to read (sounds boring to you, but i can't wait) and waiting for my panera. adios!

um...ok so blogger was being weird and didn't let me post b/c the website was having issues, so guess WHAT?! i can update you on last night and today as well! i never got my panera. i was told the place was closed when they got there, but i have my doubts. i think i was just forgotten about. but anywaaaaaaaay i was on duty and that was ok, i did my rounds and such. then after my last round i went down to steve's room and watched 2 episodes of "room raiders" w/ him and jared and that was greaaaaat. that show is so lame. back down to my room to...sleep? nope, not quite yet. had to deal with a situation tilllllll about 4am. didn't fall asleep til about 5am...woke up around 930am, tried to fall back asleep but my dad called me b/c he really enjoys calling me early on days i can sleep in. FUN.
well that's a lie i couldn't really sleep in today b/c i was meeting my mom to go to the seton hall library to get some books for a paper i have to do. so i did that and then drove over to say hi to my aunt and little cousin, my mom stayed w/ her to visit more and i drove back...into traffic. wheeeeeee. at first i thought it was going to suck, but then i decided to make it fun so i found some good radio stations and rocked out the whole way home. not even kidding. it was a good time. and you'd be surprised the number of cute guys you can find in traffic.
anyhoo now i'm back at cc for the night...but i think i'm going out to dinner w/ my dad in a little while so that'll be nice :-) and all the girls are up at skidmore this weekend for Zones! hopefully they'll kick butt. adios again. sorry this is the longest blog ever.


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