Saturday, April 30, 2005

get back, grandpa! thought i wasn't gonna update for a whole week again, didn't you? well hah! it's only been 6 days. take that. hehe.
pretty average week, i had lots of work to do and spent most of my free time doing that - how fun. wait actually it was kind of a busy week. monday was slow but tuesday morning we had a fire drill! it was supposed to be at 7a so i woke up at like 650a and waited for it and it didn't end up going off til like 707a and it scared the crap out of me! went back to sleep for a little while and then met up with ashley for breakfast! that was nice, then i did some work until my 1230p my exam back - 105% baby whoop whoop! then i went to my 2p class w/ patterson but when he started class he said i could leave b/c he was going over colonialism and i've gone over that w/ him in all my other classes. so i left while the rest of the class gave me dirty looks - hahaaaaaaa sucks for you. um...worked out, went to dinner. later that night kel and the girls had to pick their b.s. apartment for next year, so i went down to campus life w/ them while they were doin that. they didn't get back into 102, they're down the all in 105 now but ange still has the same apt. oh i also went out to dinner w/ jeremy that night b/c he was accepted into york university in england! yay jeremy! we went to Fujiyama and it was soooooo delicious, then saw "kung fu hustle". oh duh, before i went out w/h im i had to go to an RA dinner (no i didn't eat 2 dinners...i only had some salad at the RA dinner) so that the returning and new RA's could meet each other. but a lot of people couldn't show up felt a little pointless. anyhoo.
tuesday...d'olivo gave us a new project to do in sociology and nobody had a clue as to what was going on, surprise surprise! brought my laptop to my afternoon history class b/c i've been bored in there lately. i think....tuesday was also the day that sam called me and we talked for about an hour :-D that made me really happy. that was another reason i had to bring my laptop, b/c vicky was online and i had to tell her all about my convo - i was suuuuper excited. after class i had to talk to patterson about switching one of my exams and i was all worried he was going to be angry about it but he said it was fine, so that worked out well and now i'll have nothing to worry about when i leave for texas on the 12th! i'll be totally done w/ this semester. whee!
wednesday...i was supposed to be on duty but then manny's game was switched to thursday so i switched days w/ him. went to my classes, worked out, dinner, and then at 530p kel and i went to go see the boys play softball! that was really fun and ash showed up too! we were the cheering section hehe. headed to my night class at 630p...that was a tough one b/c patterson lectured on WWII and the holocaust and it was pretty depressing :-/ went back to smith after class and then i had a RA meeting at 10p til about 1115p...took foreeeeeeeever, way longer than i felt was necessary. went over to b.s. for a little while to see how everybody was doin, then back to smith and to sleeeeeeep.
thursday was normal...classes, worked out, dinner, duty. wrote up some people (sorryyyy) and slept. friday i headed home for a couple hours to do laundry and then came back to school and met up w/ jeremy to get dinner and see "the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy" and i really enjoyed it. back to school and then we walked back to check out the carnival and met up w/ ash, ange, and johnny, then jeremy left and the rest of us stayed til they started closing down around 10p. i went back to bs102 and hung out there til around 12, then went back to smith and hung out w/ the boys til around 230a and then went to sleeeepy.
this morning i went to brunch w/ ashley and then brought my stuff over to bs102 and did work pretty much all day and now i'm takin a break to do this! supposed to be more crappy weather which might hinder the flag football/softball games, sad.
k bye bye!


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