Monday, July 21, 2008

Veggie Burger Variations

Is it just me, or are there about a million ways to make a veggie burger? I've made so many different kinds and I really do love them all, but most recently I tried a burger from the "Student's Go Vegan Cookbook"- it's a black bean burger with corn relish - oh mama it was tasty. And of course I've taken a picture to document the delicious dinner:K now realizing I should've taken a close-up...but seriously they were tasty. And ok you obviously see there is a lot of white space on the plate, but I did make a side of spinach and I didn't know what else to cook...looking back, I probably could've made some baked potato fries or something but...honestly it was a very filling meal on it's own, so maybe next time just smaller plates. And I'm liking how the stems on those couple pieces of spinach down at the bottom look like dollar signs. Hah!

Black and White Cookies, oh my.

So as I do many weekends, I drove out to the boy's apartment with no idea what we'd be having for breakfast/lunch/dinner the next few days. Sometimes I'll look up recipes and go out there with ideas of what to make, sometimes he looks up stuff...then we go food shopping and start the cookin'! I love it, especially when he picks the food, for some reason it's more fun for me that way.
Anyway, unlike the weekends where it takes a while to figure out what to make, he knew what he wanted from the second I got there;
and what he wanted was Black and White Cookies. Apparently at a work outing at the Meadowlands Racetrack that week they were being served, and he couldn't get them out of his mind. So he looked up a recipe on vegweb and before you know it we were feasting on these babies:
Heck yeah! Oh man they were so good. Here's another look at one:
Oh man...go make these, they're really fun and reminded me of childhood! Oh and I have to mention that the beautiful icing job was done by the boy - great attention to detail when it comes to baked goods.

So that's it; the black and white cookies! They're so tasty and make me so happy that my boyfriend can pick a random food and there's a vegan recipe out there for it! It will make his ultimate full transition to veganism much easier ;)

Monday, July 07, 2008

Hot Curry and Cinnamon Buns

I thought I'd post a couple food pics from recently...

Hmmm what's hiding inside this little treasure?! How cute is that?? I love food that comes with fun presentation.

Curry! Unfortunately, I thought I could handle the "hot" version...boy was I mistaken. It was waaaaay to spicy for me.

Oh and there is the brown rice it came with! Again, love the presentation! But next time I know only to get medium spice.

And here are the cinnamon buns we made the other day!

They were sooo tasty. It was my first experience with rising dough and rolling it out and all that jazz - it was really exciting and I was proud of it! Someone certaintly thought they were delicious. But someone else commented that they were "not very crispy." Well fine then, you don't have to eat them, more for me! I also made vanilla icing to put over the top. So good.
K that's all for now!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Internship, yo.

Well hey, it's been a while...not too much time for a long post right now but I want to slowly get back into writing on here because I really did enjoy it :o)

So for now: was my little bunch of veggies (plus the grapes, how did they sneak in with the veggies??) for the week. I started my summer internship this week and had to bring my own lunch!!! So strange since I'm used to going over to the dining hall with my co-workers for lunch every day. What did I made with all this?

Mmmm Japanese Soba Noodles with Steamed Vegetables (from Skinny Bitch, pg. 88!) - delicious. Tofu, eggplant, carrots, and buckwheat soba noodles. Please ignore my thumb in this pic, it looks very strange. And next to the main course is my little side dish - an apple and green grapes! And I grabbed these from this lovely bowl:

Hello fruit! I love you. I love having a piece of fruit for breakfast, so tasty. And behind the fruit you can see the blueberry muffins I made...I also packed one of those in my lunchbox as a mid-morning snack.

So that's what I had for lunch on...Wednesday and today because on Tuesday my internship bosses took me out to lunch, how nice!

Enjoy the weekend! Stay hydrated, it's gonna be a hot one!!!

Monday, May 15, 2006

this does not bode well.

ok so things are not looking good for me. yesterday was mother's day, and when i got up steve asked me to go pick up flowers for his mom, but first i went over kelly's b/c i needed her to take a pic of me in my cap and gown. so we did that and then she came w/ me and we stopped at the flower place, they sent us to the greenhouse in the back of the store, so we drove back there and i got the flowers. super. then we went to walmart to print out the pic, so we get there and go inside and all the machines are BROKEN. so we decide to go get bagels at Bagels Abroad since we're both kinda hungry and we haven't eaten yet today. i drive over there and how bout that, it closed early, 1pm, for mothers day. it was about 1:15p when we got there. so we go to eckerd to print out the pics there and THAT machine isn't working, and i almost kill someone. but the lady was able to take the disc behind the counter and print it out, good thing or i probably would've had a minor breakdown. then steve calls and says he needs the flowers, so we drove back to school to drop them off, then drive back towards panera, b/c i still wanted a bagel and kelly did too, and panera has great bagels. so we get to panera and walk inside, and kelly just turns to me and says 'uh oh.' and i look up...NO FREAKING BAGELS. what the helllllllllll the place is called panera BREAD. so i called one of the girls working there over and i said 'excuse me where are the bagels' and she said 'oh we ran out'a nd i said 'how. why.' and she said 'oh...i don' tknow i guess we just ran out of ingredients.' really? no flour, no butter, no WHATEVER you use to make bagels? then how do you have bread for the sandwiches? riddle me THAT you little hussy!!! ooooooh i was furious. the rest of the day wasn't that bad, then we have today.
so for my SOC499 class we had a pretty big presentation on immigration. we were supposed to present it last monday but we ran out of time in class so we couldn't. now...we've been working on this presentation about 3 weeks. we did it through moviemaker, and if you've used that, it's awesome, but now i want it to die. 3 weeks of finding pics, recording our parts, making slides, and making sure everything synched up in time with each other. it took a lot of work, but the finished product was awesome and i was really proud of it. so i saved it to my comp and to a disc which i gave to the prof like 2 weeks ago so she'd have it. this morning we had our final and then our group went up to give our presentation. we hit play, its going, its awesome, people love it, and then it hits the 3 minute mark...and something happends. the audio keeps going, but the pictures stop. why is this happening? i stop the presentation and don't know what to do. so another group gets up to go and stacy and i run over to the profs office hoping that the copy that i gave her will work. we bring it back, nope, isn't working. awesome, soooooooo awesome. so instead of just hitting play and sitting back to watch our 20 minute presentation, we have to look like assholes and sit in front of the class reading notes off our laptops. how sweet is that.
then i come back to my room and check my email...on friday i asked seton hall lady if she got my GRE scores yet b/c i got them like 2 weeks ago but still hadn't heard from her. she emails me back and says 'oh, no we haven't gotten them yet, but feel free to fax them to me.' from what fax machine lady!??!!? and why are the GRE people trying to ruin my life?!?!?! AAAAAAAH.

so anyway. this week has been off to an AMAZING start, i can only hope it all culminates in more amazingness on 5/20: graduation day.

oh p.s. i have to turn my laptop in today, which will leave me with nothing to do while i'm sitting here waiting to graduate. yay.

Monday, March 27, 2006

spring break WOOOOHOOOO

ok so my blog title is no indication whatsoever of how my spring break was. sorry to dissapoint. but it wasn't bad, very relaxing for the most part. got a haircut, went to a spa w/ vicky, went shopping, met up for a date w/ stacy, hung out w/ steve, did no work at all.. watched a lot of tournament basketball...its driving me nuts too, all the underdogs that are kicking butt and taking names. the only bracket i'm doing well in is the one on facebook (i was in 1st place for a little while).
so this is just a short blog to get myself back into the swing of things b/c i want to keep up with it but when i fall behind more than a few days i feel overwhelmed with it and give up. there's only like 5 weeks left of college :-/ please find me a job!!! i need one badly. i have a feeling as soon as it gets warm i'm going to have major senioritis and won't want to do anything, including a job search so hopefully i find something soon.
k that's all adios!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

oh sometimes, sooooometimes.

i'm so bored, its definitely a blog-in-class time. let's see i wrote last tuesday. before i went to the mall? i guess. the mall was fun i bought a couple things and had lunch w/ my cousin, mom, and grandma.
wednesday blah blah, thursday whoop de do, friday was go to allentown day. steve was taking a soccer coaching class at muhlenberg and wanted me to go w/ him. we stayed at his friend jeremy's apt and it was a really productive weekend for me, i got a lot of work done. friday night we ate at outback, which i haven't been to in forever - so yummy! saturday jeremy took me on a little tour of muhlenberg's campus, i twas such a nice day out and that campus is so pretty. on steve's lunch break we went to wawa for sandwiches. you know they have little computers you pick your sandwich with?! neat! the rest of the day i just did work, and saturday night we went to barnes and noble for a little while and then, after long debate, decided to eat at wegmans - so fun! so many choices. oh, wegmans is a big grocery store w/ a section of it devoted to cafeteria-sort of type food. but so much better. anyway it was fun and during dinner steve was eating a piece of chicken w/ his plastic fork and it broke. funny, but for some reason it didn't strike me as funny until later that night when i was falling asleep. after dinner we all watched the latest harry potter, it was o.k. i didn' think it was too great but oh well.
sunday...same was saturday pretty much. steve was done around 4p so we headed back to jersey, had dinner at his house, and then back to school. i went over to wash to study theory w/ stacy - of course we paused to watch 'desperate housewives', studied a little more.
yesterday, another beautiful day :) had classes and after yoga, stacy, steve, sara, kelly and i walked to rita's for our first italian ice of the season! whee! so delicious. i was on duty last night which, for some reason, was like 'hang up signs' night. i had so many flyers to hang up. a bunch of us went to hear a DUI speaker and he was really good, powerful story, good message. rest of the night was kinda fun b/c people hung out in my room! whee! but at like 1am a tracter trailer pulled into smith parking lot..weird.
so class, then to the gym b/c i'll be sitting on my butt the rest of the day studying. adios.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

bloggy time

it's been a while since i updated, oops! actually not that bad, i forgot February only has 28 days so it's been like 6 days. no play-by-plays are necessary so i'll give a little summary!
last thursday we had a snow day, but not until after i'd already taken my exam at 930a of course. the rest of the day was a lazy one until about 7p when stacy and i headed over to 105 to party it up!! so much fun, i had such a good time :) then i went to applebees w/ stacy, steve, dave, lindsay, johanna, donny, and eric i think? there were a bunch of us, to get 1/2 price apps and that was tooooo b/c food is so good.
on friday morning i got bagels and worked on my life plan w/ stacy in the HUB til steve came back from belvidere. we took a little nap and then went out to eat at Charlie Browns for dinner! nice surprise for me! then we drove down to TCNJ to sleep over Emily's! we got ice cream from this little general store/dairy that makes their own ice cream-yummy! and we rented "red eye" - so scary. i thought it was good but had a weak ending though. oh, the reason we were at TCNJ is b/c steve was taking the praxis there early saturday morning so it was easier for him to sleep over there. so saturday he did that.
saturday night we ate dinner at steve's then went over to jana and don's to watch the north carolina vs. duke basketball game w/ jeremy and his parents. they're all huge duke fans so it was a rough game.
sunday i went home to do 4 loads of laundry, whee! and i was on duty? i think? yeah. and that was fine nothing really went on.
yesterday...classes, yoga was hardcore, gym was hardcore, shower was...not hardcore? dinner then did some work until my laptop gave me the blue screen of death adn we had a fire alarm which led to an incident that lasted til around 1030p. watched some Reno911 then sleepy time!
and now i'm off to the mall to meet up w/ my grandma and my cousin! adios!