Thursday, August 18, 2005

because you can't mail fajitas...

and so began our exciting weekend down in north carolina!! whee! but let's backtrack so you don't get confused. last...friday (that'd be the 12th), vicky and i drove out to bloomsburg, pa w/ my mom to meet lisa at her house! we had some coffee and banana bread w/ her mom, said hi to her dad, met bruce (lisa's boytoy...i mean boyfriend) and then packed up lisa's jeep and left for winston-salem, NC! it was a pretty long drive...we left PA around noon and we arrived in NC about 8 hours was a fun drive though, bruce read us sex surveys from lisa's girly magazines, we played fun music, stopped at some shady rest stops, and by the time we got to winston-salem we were pretty hungry so we went to Chili's...yummm. and that's where the laugh-fest began, i think. probably partially b/c we'd be stuck in the car all day and we were getting a little delirious, and there was a sign on the wall w/ a chili's gift card, and underneath it said "because you can't mail fajitas"...and lisa was all, 'of course you can't. who would try to do that?' and then when the waiter brought our bowl of "bottomless chips", we found that the bowl did indeed have a bottom, and bruce demanded (not with the waiter present) that we be brought a bottomless bowl! many other funny things happened and by the end of dinner my stomach was killing me from laughing so hard the entire time.
so then we drove back to lisa's house, which is so nice!! and we just kind of got ourselves settled and then sat at the kitchen table talking for a while, then went to sleeeep. none of lisa's roomies were there so vic and i each got our own nice! and lisa stays in her own room upstairs (i guess it used to be the attic? she has her own room and bathroom, fancy.)
saturday...we woke up fairly early and lis and i went to the food store to get a couple things for the morning breakfast, back to the house and relaxed, had some coffee, talked, and had breakfast! then we went over to campus and lis gave us a lovely little tour of it - soo pretty and nice! all the buildings are brick and it's just so nice looking. it was super hot out and we were having dinner over at bruce's house that night, so we went back to the house, showered up, and ran to the grocery store, got the stuff for dinner and then headed over to bruce's house! none of his roomies were there either so it was just the 4 of us, which was probably good b/c we were acting ridiculous. oh but at the food store checkout line, the checkout lady heard lisa say "birthday cake" and assumed that one of us was having a birthday, and kind of had trouble, or was dissapointed?, that nobody was actually having a birthday. poor lady. then she asked us if we were incoming freshmen...i'm sorry, what? do we look 17 to you? no. and then the dude helping vicky bag our stuff struck up a conversation with her b/c she had her UVM hockey sweatshirt on, and he was talking to her about how WakeForest is in a new conference now, and then he said "my brother went to Virginia" and vicky had a completely perplexed look on her face and said, "yeah, i don't know what that means." hahaha it was awesome. so after that we went to bruce's and got dinner ready, ate out on the back deck and then headed inside for some drinking and trivial pursuit playing!!!! me and vicky versus bruce and lisa...vic and i kicked BUTT!!! i have pics from that night and when i get them on a cd i'll put them on my yahoo picture site. i know you can't wait. so after we were done w/ the game, vicky and i headed back to lisa's house (after a minor car has to be ON to go in reverse??? who knew.).
sundaaaay we wanted to go to "The Dan", which is a river. whee! so in the afternoon we all drove up there and went tubing down the river! it took about 2.5 hours and it was really fun, we even had a separate tube for our cooler, how clever! we hit a few rough patches in the water b/c it was lower than usual, but there was pretty scenery and the water was warm and there weren't too many people on the river til we got to the end, which is apparantly where people go to bathe...odd. but that was a really fun way to spend our afternoon! i enjoyed it. then...we...went back to lisa's house, showered off the river water, and...went out to dinner? i think? yes, we went to "the filling station" and that was exxcellent. so so tasty! really nice atmosphere too. then back to the house and just kinda hung out for the rest of the night, and lisa's one roomie, amy, came back so we got to meet her and hang out with her too! oh that was the night we also watched "wet hot american summer". fun day!
monday...last full day :-( sad. we went onto campus again so i could buy something from the Deacon shop - yay wakeforest t-shirt! then we went over to a pool in a nearby apartment complex...or was it the other way around...well either way we did both of those things! and then went to lunch at "the loop" w/ bruce and amy also, but that was at around 4p. then lis, vic, and i got pedicures! wheeeeee so fun and feminine! except that my pedicure lady kept looking into my soul and lisa's kept bringing up random random things to her. oh well! that was fun, and then we went over to Border's to get coffee and books! and apparantly their coffee has way more caffeine than i'm used to b/c i was bouncing off the walls. i don't know if you (yes you, person reading the blog) have experienced a really caffinated me, but it's a liiiiiiittle crazy. i couldn't stop talking or moving around or making somewhat of an ass out of myself (waving to the hot guy through the window while telling lisa "he's really cute" and then realizing that he could see me talking and it's not that hard to tell what i was saying. DAMN!) then we went to the food store again b/c we were going to make fajitas (not mail them) for dinner, but we weren't hungry at all the rest of the night, so all we had was some of bruce's guacamole dip and some chips, yum! we also played another game of trivial pursuit that night, with bruce and lisa as the winners. so we're tied 1-1 until the next rematch!
tuesday morning we got up early and packing up our stuff and cleaned the rooms we stayed in, had some breakfast, said goodbye to bruce and amy, and lisa drove vic and i to the airport :( and vic and i weren't on the same flight and hers was leaving about an hour before mine, so i had to sit allll alone in the terminal waiting for my little flight to DC, which was fine, but then the DC-Newark flight was delayed about an hour, and we were already on the runway. boo to sitting there waiting to take-off! but somehow we managed to only arrive 20 minutes late to newark, weird! and on that flight there was a girl with a little teacup chihuahua. didn't know they were allowed on planes.
so overall it was a reallllllllly fun trip i had an awesome time and i want to go back!!!!! but i go back to school next friday...eeeeeee really soon. and that's...about it for now. adios.


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