Tuesday, June 07, 2005


just got home from the keane concert...wow. wow wow wow. aaaa-mazing. more on that in a hot minute.
left off on saturday...sunday i was supposed to go play volleyball w/ steve and his buddies but he changed the time so i couldn't :( wah. went to church, came home, helped cook dinner, relaxed.
monday i decided i'd better go to hackettstown hospital and see what was up and if they were going to hire me and whatnot. but i went for a run first and showered, then i dressed up real nice and went over there and it turns out it takes 2 weeks to process applications, so that puts me at friday, hopefully i'll hear back from them next week sometime. since i was in good old hackettstown i gave steve a call and stopped by his house, hung out there for a couple hours b/c a really bad thunderstorm came over the area and i thought it best not to drive in it. and his poor dog was terrified, she was shaking i felt so bad for her! then his parents came home and they were very friendly and nice, then we went back upstairs and steve put in this 50 cent documentary thing he has...i guess it's on 50's cd or something and if you put it in you can watch. i don't really know, but it was hilarrrrrrrrrrious. i mean i like 50 cent i'm not making fun of him but wow. lol.
anywaaay, drove home, was home. boring. watched the yankees get their asses kicked YET again. losers. made plans w/ my grandma for today, today was more fun so we'll skip to that.
got up, went for a run before it got too hot out, then got a shower and got ready to go into le city. my mom yelled at me b/c i didn't go vote in the primaries, boohoo. but i didn't have time! i had to be in teaneck at 4. so i drove to grandma's house and she took me to macys b/c she had more gift certificate thingies and then we drove through the city to suzy's apt. it's really amazing how well my grandma knows the city, she took me up through harlem and we passed the Apollo theatre and she told me she saw barry white perform there in the 70's...hahahaha whoa. aaand she dropped me off at suzy's apt...which is not in harlem...it's in a really cute little area i liked it a lot. patrick called me so i talked to him but only briefly b/c suzy was double parked so we had to move some more stuff into her apt quickly, including her mattress, which apparantly led this gross old man to believe we were lesbians b/c when we walked past him w/ it he said 'oh that's a nice mattress, you two enjoy it.' ew.
made a couple more trips to the car w/ her stuff, then stopped at a deli for some sandwiches for dinner and headed up to radio city around 8p, we didn't bother going for the opening act b/c it was some woman i've never heard of and i looked her up and she was sort of weird. so anyway we got up there around 830p...oh but on the way this guy hit on suzy and told her he liked how she was drinking her diet coke. interesting pick up line. anyway, keane came on stage at around 845p and they were just...so good. super. SUPER! you know there's only 3 guys in the band?? i don't think i knew that til tonight, and they were so energetic which i didn't expect either b/c their album, to me, is more relaxing and laid back, but not anymore. i couldn't believe how into it they were from start to finish. and they played some new songs b/c they got another record deal (yay!) and those songs were really good too. and they ended the concert w/ my favorite song, whee! aaaah so good, i'm so glad i went.
then my grandma picked us up right outside the theatre when it was over and we drove suzy home, stopped at DD for some iced coffee, i picked up my car at her house and drove back home. and now i'm really tired. sooo it's time for bed!


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