Saturday, June 25, 2005

do it, just do it...DO IT!

i haven't updated since keane and that feels like forever ago...sooo let's get this started, yeah? i'm not sure what i did 2 weekends ago...i'm guessing not a lot if i can't remember it...i think i had to get up early one morning...oh b/c my brother left for his 3 week trip to the south pacific so i drove to the philly airport w/ my family but that was on like...the 14th. ok so anyway i'll skip to the fun part.
last thursday...that was the 16th (which marked exactly 3 months til i turn 21...woo!) and that's when i drove down to Virgina! it really wasn't that bad of a drive, the worst part was going through D.C., that freakin city hits you with traffic so bad, i was sitting on the beltway for like 2 beltway next time! but other than that the ride was great, i only had to stop once to fill up the gas tank. anyway got to fort lee around 8p and met up w/ patrick, went out to dinner and checked out the area a bit. friday i hung out while he went to class, went out to the pool, got a little tan...ok fine, got a little burned :( ...went out to richmond that night and found a really cool restaurant called Europa that had an awesome lounge downstairs playing house music and there were couches and tables and it was really chill, dim lights, etc. actually they were playing 'sportscenter' for a while which seemed really out of place but eventually they turned it off and had like...sort of a visual of what the music was playing, it was really cool. so we hung out there for a while, had a few drinks (i didn't get carded yay me! god i can't wait to be 21 i felt like such a baby) then back to fort lee for the night.
saturday...john, patrick, "the germans" (2 german officers spending a couple weeks w/ the US Army), and i met up and drove around the area, found Shirley Plantation, the oldest plantation in the country!! neaaaaaat! so we took a little tour of that and walked around the grounds a bit, it was so pretty. and people still LIVE there! the family lives there hellooooooo i want to live there! and there were horses and everything.
after that we drove up into richmond through backroads, it was actually really pretty and when we got to richmond we went to...i forget the name, "the brewing company" maybe? something like that where they have a microbrewery upstairs and the downstairs is really cool so we hung out there for a while and then walked around downtown. there was a canal walk too, that was nice, patrick took some good pictures, if he sends them to me i'll put them up on my photosite. let's see...went back to fort lee...maybe took a nap? what the...oh yeah some people were going back to richmond to go out but we decided not to since we'd kind of been spending a lot of money going out. i guess we did something for dinner, i can't remember what. in the morning, food shopping for lunch, lunch, driving range! good thing steve had taken me golfing that week so i didn't feel like a complete idiot and i had a small idea of what i was doing. yay! john drove us there and the golf course/range was on base and it's apparantly the nicest army golf course in the country or something...or maybe top 3. then we drove around the army base and checked it out...the thing is huge, they have their own grocery store and a middle school and like 4 little neighborhoods. the base is pretty self-sufficient, if you didn't want to you wouldn't have to leave the base for anything...which i guess is good b/c some soldiers aren't allowed to leave. i'd want to be able to get off base though, i'd feel too confined. but it was neat anyway. sunday night we saw 'batman begins' with a bunch of people - i thought it was pretty good for what it was, it was entertaining and christian bale was great, i like him a lot. it wasn't an intellectual or anything but it was fun!
monday morning i drove home...once again hitting traffic in DC grrrrrrr. well actually that's a lie i didn't drive home, i drove to vicky's house and stayed there for the night yay vicky!! we went swimming and blasted music and ate her mom's amaaaaaaaazing food...mmmm good.
ok tuesday...drove home, shepatone came over! b/c on tuesday night we went to a goodbye party for nass, she's goin back to california. so that was nice i got to see some of the girls, like a little CC reunion :) oooh and on the way to the party, kel got a phonecall from her friend melissa who said she had 2 extra tickets to the dave matthews band concert in scranton on wednesday! so kel slept over on tuesday night and then wednesday we drove up to honesdale!

she thought she had a dentist appt on wednesday but it was cancelled so we went over to melissa's house and headed to DMB w/ melissa, her sister and friend, and 2 cops...yeah that's right, hangin with the popo! kel and i figure she can pretty much do whatever she wants in honesdale now. anyway got to scranton around 5p and hung out in the parking lot, did some tailgating til around was kinda rough, it was really sunny and hot out and we were just sitting/standing in the sun. kel actually almost got sick i felt really bad. we were waiting for melissa's sister to come back from the bathroom and she almost passed out from it being hot and we'd been standing up. but then we walked up to the pavillion, caught some howie day and claimed our little space on the lawn.
dave came on around 730p and was aaaaaaaamazing. whoa. i never would have gone out of my way to see dave but i'm so glad i got the opportunity to, they were all so energetic...the bass player is really cute too. i guess they were on least 2.5 hours. they played a lot of their new stuff but a lot of good old songs too. so that was a good time.
thursday...kel and i got up and went for a walk in one of the honesdale cemetary's...creepy, yet peaceful. we took her dog taffy with us, he's so cute! then we went up to her barn and rode some horsies, went on a trail ride too! then we had to pick up kel's trainers little son and take him to his mom, too bad the little bugger was a pain in the buttttttt. anyway we took him up to his mom and then drove to lake walenpaupack to visit bill, he invited us to go out on his boat so we figured why not?! his friend nick was there too and we went out on the boat and found a little island and hung out, kel and i split a big yellowtail bottle and had ourselves a little photoshoot (see my pics) hahaha we're so awesome. stayed there til it got dark and then went to 'the boathouse' restaurant for a couple drinks and some nachos. which apparantly gave me severe heartburn which i never had before and that was kind of scary. then kel and i drove back to honesdale...good times, it was a nice night.
yesterday we went up to the barn again, rode and trail ride, back to the house for BLT's...yummm. hung around the house, then picked up ashley, kel's cousin, and drove to scranton for dinner at Don Pablo's! which was soooooo tasty, wow that was good food. then we went to the mall for a little while. but the ride home was by far the best part of the day.
we had mr. shepstone's truck so we had the radio on and the music blasting and kel and i were rockin out in the front seat, dancing so hard that by the time we got back to honesdale we were exhausted. then we were just driving around yelling "do it, just do it, do it." (like from starsky&hutch) to people. she even did it at a drive-thru it was the funniest thing i've seen in a while. lol we're crazy. so we did that for a while and then back to the house for sleeping and up early this morning b/c kel had to go to sussex to check out a horse show, and that's where my mom picked me up, and now i'm home! and enjoying relaxing...ah. that's all for now, and a big round of applause to you if you really made it all the way through this monster blog.


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