Wednesday, June 01, 2005

wow i haven't updated in a while...longer than i thought. sooo when i got back from texas i went to visit jeremy and we did our usual dinner and a movie (saw 'kicking and screaming', pretty funny) and then i stopped by CC to visit steve on duty and give him his "don't mess with texas" tshirt and headed home.
thursday i had to go back to CC b/c i was on duty that night, which was sooo very boring. there was nobody in the dorm so i just packed up my things and watched some tv and went to sleep. friday i brought my things home and then went back to school b/c i was on duty aaaaaagain. saturday was graduation day at CC but at 8am i was over in bennett-smith helping check people out for the end of the year. stayed there til about 3p then went to graduation and caught the end, congratulated a few people, and went back to b.s. to help check out more people and stayed there til 630p. then i went back to smith and packed up my car and dad came to get the things i couldn't fit in my car. then i drove over to vickys!!! b/c i hadn't seen her since january! wheeeeee! what did we do...oh, kristin came over also and we watched...something...oh, snl b/c coldplay was on, and stayed up late and talked.
on sunday vic and i watched 'the calcium kid', which is a british orlando bloom movie, and we were in such an orlando mood that we went to go see 'kingdom of heaven' later that afternoon! hehe. it was pretty good actually, and orlando was super hot in it.
hmmm went home sunday night...that week was pretty slow, i spent most of my time cleaning my room and getting all my stuff in order. spent time w/ the fam. in the middle of the week i met kristin at blair b/c her brother was going to prom and she wanted to take pics, that was cute. then we went to frank's for dinner and rented 'the notebook', went back to the house and watched it - sooo good!
ummm i thought i did something on friday but maybe not. oh duh, my aunt and little cousin came up to visit, and i took my brother to pick up his date for prom! then took them to another kid's house to wait for the limo. awwww little brother goin to prom, how cute. then i had to pick him up at like 3am, that wasn't so cute. oh well.
saturday i met kristin at blair for her bro's graduation, and we spent most of the day there. saw some people from our class, faculty, it was nice. then we went back to my house for a couple hours to hang out before a par-tay, went to that for a little while, then drove to kristin's house and hung out as she was packing up to go back to MO.
i went over to vicky's after that and slept over there b/c on sunday....
it was yankee time! we drove into the city in the afternoon and took the subway to the stadium, got there about 10 minutes before game time and found our seats in the bleachers. unfortunately the yankees lost, but it was still a good time.. ooh but tino didn't play, which was a big bummer, especially for suzy. slept over suzy's apartment, watched a memorial day parade on monday (complete with army boys and sailors! whee!) and drove back to jersey. vicky had to drive back to VT monday night so i headed home and after talking to kelly, decided that i'd go visit her!
so yesterday i drove up to honesdale and spent the day with shepatone!we went up to her barn and played with the horsies and went on a trail ride, went on a walk/hike w/ taffy, her dog, then met her parents for dinner, then went to the movies and bought some coronas w/ lime. oh and we bought gossip magazines and snacks, we had a fun night.
this morning we just hung out and then met her mom for lunch, went to DD for iced coffee (have you SEEN the new flavors they have??? mmmmmm) and then got my stuff together and made it home in a speedy hour and 20 minutes. not tooooo bad.
now i'm gonna go outside and help dad w/ the lawn - hopefully get some sun! laterrrrr.


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