Saturday, June 04, 2005

damn birds.

a family of birds has decided to nest right outside my window, and they like to wake up really early in the morning. like sunrise early. booo birds!
there's really not a lot going on but i was kinda bored so i figured i'd come update the ol' blog. today it was soo nice out, i finished mowing the lawn and definitely got a little sunburn, as well as a freckle explosion on my shoulders and knees - nose and arms are next. i even got a couple on my fingers from today. neat. i went on a run earlier this morning, but of course while i was eating breakfast i read an article about how there has been an abnormally high number of bears in the area - mating season and whatnot. and there's also a "bearzilla" in sussex county...but despite the danger i went ahead and went for my usual run, no bear sightings! just cows and a deer. and an old lady who was sitting in a pickup truck w/ a canoe on top...that was a little odd, she was near the bridge that goes over the paulinskill when i was going and when i was coming back. by herself. sort of odd, right? and she was in the passenger seat so i looked around for anybody else to be there but nobody was. maybe i should've asked her if she was ok....sorry little old lady!! not too much else so far today...oh except for a phonecall that's had me walking around the house w/ a smile on my face. i know, i'm a dork.
yesterday my grandma, aunt, and little cousin came up to visit for a while, which was nice. and i also did a bunch of photo work yesterday, i found old pics from blair and put them in albums and put all my texas pics in an album. aaand picked up my brother from his friend courtney's house and drove him to a surprise party at another girls house...i swear that kid's been to more parties in 2 years of high school than i did in 4 years at Blair. damn boarding school! no just kidding i wouldn't trade it for anything. i can't wait til he gets his liscence (sp? that doesn't look right) and can drive himself all over the place.
i guess it was thursday that i went up to newton w/ my dad, we went to shoprite aaand harmon discounts, and the diner....mmmm diner. i love them so much. it's gonna be hard to move to a state where there isn't a diner in every town (don't panic, i'm not moving, i'm just thinking of the future)
oooooooooooooh and wednesday night was the steve mcqueen special on TMC...oooh my gosh that was amazing. even though i've read his biography, i still learned new things, and there were tons of pictures and stuff that i hadn't seen before, and stories that weren't in the book. my poor dad, i made him sit through it and watch with me.
umm yeah, i think i'm going to the mall soon w/ alex and dad b/c al needs to buy some stuff before he heads off to the south pacific in about a week. so ok, bubbye.


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