Sunday, May 15, 2005

update from tejas

so i'm in texas and i can't fall asleep so i figured i'd update my blog and that would tucker me out. first of all...i'm done w/ school for the year...took all my finals, wrote all my papers, completely done! whee! still have no clue what the heck i'm doing for the summer b/c dr. fitz never got back to me about the job/internship he was going to set me up with so that should be interesting.
kristin came up to visit me the day of my last final!! she drove all way home from missouri and stopped at cc to hang out and visit, so she got to meet all my friends and then we went over to kel's to hang out and went to midnight breakfast and hung out more at kel's, went back to smith and sleeeeeeep. woke up at like noon, packed for texas, said bye to some people and headed to the airport. caught a flight to houston, my cousin picked my mom and me up and we drove back to college station!! we're staying in my cousin's apt and my aunt is here b/c it's her birthday weekend, it's been so much fun. friday we looked around the A&M campus, went out to taco cabanna for breakfast (breakfast amazing.), went to the mall, just went around to a bunch of different places, then headed back to christine's (my cousin) apartment to get ready to go out! her one roomie jesse came w/ us and we headed to North Gate which is a street full of bars and clubs right across the street from the college. we just walked around and in and out the different bars (no i didn't drink b/c they're really hardcore about underage drinking down there), and it was so much fun. we finally settled in "the library", a club/bar thats a bar downstairs and upstairs there's a dancefloor, and christine's boyfriend, gerald, met us there. so we stayed there for a couple hours and we were invited to go back to one of gerald's corps buddy's house (the corps is the ROTC at A&M it's really hardcore there are hundreds of them), his name was patrick, so when we were done at "the library" we headed to patrick's house aaaand didn't leave til 6am. well i didn't leave til then. oh but when we were driving there gerald wanted to stop at mcdonald's, so he did and when he pulled out he made a left but there was a median in the road that he didn't know was there, so we started driving down the wrong side of this like 6 lane road and of course a cop pulled up behind him and i really thought he was going to be in serious trouble, but he wasn't drunk (even though the cop gave him a 10 minute sobriety test to try and prove that he was drunk) and somehow he managed to talk his way out of any ticket or warning of any kind. how did he do that? i don't know b/c it was pretty serious.
anyhoo, slept for a couple hours saturday morning and then went out to lunch at Freebird and got a burrito (love mexican it.) and then went over to Gerald's Final Review...this was a little slice of heaven for me. basically, all the Aggie Corps dress up in their military uniforms and parade into the football stadium for the last time of the year. WOOOHOOO! so christine wanted to go see gerald b/c he was being turned into a senior (they have this whole ceremony it's really cool) so we went to that and then went out to dinner for my aunt's birthday!! then went to the movies to see "monster-in-law" and now i'm about ready to pass out b/c i'm running on very little sleep. but that's basically what's been going on! back to jersey on tuesday night so i'll update more soon!


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