Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Feel The Power: Part Deux

yum i love dinner.
so back to training. it's been a really good experience and i was very nervous in the beginning just b/c i didn't know anything and i had no idea what it was going to be like. but after the first and second day i started to settle in and it was better. we seem to all get along with each other as a group...we're not all best friends and we'll never be that way, but we will definitely be able to work with each other to get things done, which is awesome.
ok i don't know why i started a new blog b/c really...i have nothing much to say. so sorry i just wasted like...2 minutes of your time!
but on a funny note, vicky texted me from italy saying she was drinking a manhattan, then called me after i texted her back, and she was definitely on the right side of tipsy! i am a proud peacock! and i told lisa this and she said that our new years will be awesome this year. b/c in the past kristin and vicky have not joined in on the um.."festivities"..but now we'll make them. mwahahaha. we're such good friends.
mmmm k bye.


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