Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Feel the Power.

no i'm just kidding i don't think i have power now that i'm an RA. mwaaahaha. no i'm only joking.
soo i'm home this afternoon and tomorrow morning before i move in tomorrow afternoon, and i'm really enjoying the break. the past 5 days have been nonstop learning and talking and discussing and it just gets to be a little much at times, b/c we start around 9am and aren't done til about 1030pm or so. so it's been a long few days, and the next few days will be even longer i think.
so..friday i got to school and moved into Van Winkle with the other RA's, we were all living on the first floor, and we had our first meeting that afternoon, then dinner, then another meeting. same thing on saturday, then on sunday we went to a ropes course in swartswood. we got there around 830am and left after lunch around noon. it was actually a lot better than i thought it would be, i was really nervous going into it. but we split into 2 groups and went through the course doing lots of team building and teamwork and whatnot, and i think it was good for the group as a whole.
umm...we did more stuff when we got back to school...yesterday same thing...but we did mock rounds sunday night and last night, which was nervewracking. and of course the scenario they chose me for was an alcohol violation in bennett-smith......coincidence? i'm thinking NO. not so much. so that was an experience. and we did those a bunch of times with a bunch of situations.
then this morning we got together (the RA's) with the RD's and we were able to talk about some stuff we were concerned about. um ok time out i have to go eat dinner.


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