Thursday, August 26, 2004

Last Day of Summer

hellooo there! i hope my pictures were enjoyable, i know i went a little crazy but when vicky explained to me how to put them in my blog i just got a little wacky with it.
So today is my last day of summer. tomorrow i go back to CC to begin training and learning how to make the little freshman do whatever i say..mwahaha. yeah right, i wish. so i should be packing for my week of that, but i really don't want to, so i'm doing this instead!
yesterday afternoon i met up with vicky and we saw "Garden State", which i really was a little unusual but more "real" than any movie i've seen in a while. although i can't say i relate with the Jersey that is portrayed in the movie (i don't do enough drugs to live here, apparantly), but the dialogue b/t the characters was very realistic. and i got a free little poster! well the old man gave it to vicky but i made her give it up b/c she's going to italy and has no way to pack it. so it will be on the wall of my room! along with other things that i will anyway after the movie we went to vic's house and i watched the michael phelps interview!! Awww he is adorable. but unfortunately for me he's moving to michigan to do some more intensive training. so far away! what's wrong with training in new jersey?! i hear we have good..pools? anywaaaay. oh vicky also showed me the tape of when jeter went head-first into the stands at yankee stadium...not pleasant.
then kristin came over yaaay! and we watched some olympics and some 'amish in the city'...thanks for that, kristin. i headed for home around 11:30 and had to say goodbye to vic and kristin :( TIL DECEMBER! :( very sad. but they're both doing blogs too! so i can follow what they do over there in italy, which is lovely. so they leave on saturday.
umm yeah that's about it. i'm bringing my laptop back to school tomorrow so i'll have it when i'm not in training and i can even update the blog with all the exciting things i'll be doing.......i'm sure you just can't wait.
alright was a great summer, i'm sad to see it go!


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