Tuesday, January 11, 2005

cool factor

apparantly hanging out with victor is raising my cool factor, and who doesn't like that?!
so what's been happening in la vida de meghan? lots! my cousin christine and aunt jeanne from texas came up to visit last week on and came up to the house on thursday when we had a power outage from 230p from 430a...awesome. but they stayed anyway and we had fun. at some point during that week...on maybe wednesday night, i went up to cc to visit kel and hung out w/ her and victor, jose, and ange, that was fun. or...i don't know i went up twice, one night i went up and drank a weeeeee bit 0:-) that was fun.
friday my mom, my aunt, christine, alex, and i drove down to my aunt dorothy's house and had dinner there, then 9 of us (aunts, cousins, grandma) went into nyc (in a limooo! surprise happy 21st birthday christine!) and stopped at a bar so she could get her first (legal) drink! funnn for her. then we saw the play "little women" and it was really good!! i wasn't sure how it was going to be but we all enjoyed it, then back to my aunt's house for sleeeeping. saturday we all met up for breakfast then headed home.
i went to mass on saturday night then drove up to CC and hung out in kel's apartment w/ her and victor and ange, went home on sunday morning and kristin came over the house! we went to go see 'a series of misfortunate events' - it was pretty good but kind of odd...but good. back to my house for dinner and tv time, and saying goodbye to kristin, she left earrrrly in the morning to ohio and i won't see her til may, sad.
today i drove down to teaneck w/ my mom and we spent some more time w/ jeanne and christine. chris my mom and i went to the garden state plaza....the best mall in the WORLD. well no, but at least in new jersey. i loooooove it. and i bought some fun clothes yay!
sooo that's the basic update i guess. back to school in about 8 days :( well for the RA retreat but actual classes don't start for a while...i think the 24th? whatever the tuesday is.
alllllrighty then, adios!


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