Saturday, December 04, 2004

where did the week go?

apparantly right out the window! bye bye! it went so ridiculously fast i can't believe it's friday (well's saturday. even scarier.)
sooo let's see here. monday was nothing special from what i remember...was it? oh wait i think we had guest speaker in my 'terrorism and counterterrorism' class..or was that last week...what is happening to my memory, honestly. no i think that was monday, and she was pretty good, she talked about 'bioterrorism'. or WAS that last wednesday???? what the ok she was monday, she must have been...right? *confused face* monday was obviously a confusing day for me, i also firmly believed that i was on duty monday night, but when kel and i were going for a walk i had some kind of ephiphany and realized i wasn't on duty til wednesday...i forget why that was important...did i do something monday night? i don't know why i'm asking you. sorry.
well let's skip to wednesday b/c i know stuff happend then! i was on duty but at around 9p i went down to get some hot chocolate w/ the girls and we headed up to the IHSA (horse team) meeting! which was stressful b/c this weekend is a huge tournament and all the IHSA people are working their bootays off - well done, ladies (and gents). keep up the good work! i don't know how they do it...not in bed til midnight and have to be AT the barn at 4am...what have i signed myself up for??? anyway that meeting was good but i felt bad b/c there was a history club meeting the same night (yes, i'm a part of the history club. laugh away.) and i haven't been to any of them...but i'm going next week b/c they want as many people as possible to go. and i want to show interest, you know? b/c i love history and if they do cool stuff i want to be a part of it!
let's see, after the meeting kel came back to smith w/ me b/c i was bored out of my mind on duty and we watched 'tommy boy' and steve stopped by to watch some of it w/ us too, good times! such a funny movie.
oh wait i think i remember what i did tuesday night, i think tuesday night steve, jared, and i did the website! well, steve and i did. jared pretty much wimped out, i think he's taking too many meds for his elbow. what else happend tuesday night...dammit. honestly what is wrong w/ me. oohh tuesday i also went up to the barn! to talk to the head coach lady, andrea! and on my way up this cop was following me and he followed me up the barn driveway and it really freaked me out, and i got out of my car and he said "you should tell your dad that your registration is over a year overdue" and i was like 'um...what? ok...i will?' and i walked up to the copcar and the cop goes 'it's me..jimmy...your neighbor.' can we saaaay EMBARASSING!??!!? my face turned bright red, i mean i've never formally met the guy i've only seen him from far away like 2 times! so i tried to recover and i said 'ooh i'm sorry i was thrown off by the uniform and everything' (me = idiot.) but he was really nice about it and just said i really shouldn't drive my car b/c i was supposed to get new registration by 6/ i missed this i do not know. that's my dad's department and he's really good about that stuff so it was weird. anyway i talked to andrea, who i think thought i wanted to be an equine major and that iw as a freshman (wrong...and wrong.) sooo i have to make myself clear on that w/ her. then i gave ange a ride back to campus and headed back to smith where i called my dad and told him my embarassing cop story..and he laughed at me. yay. oh RIGHT ok so he went to he DMV on wednesday morning, then he came to take me out to brunch at Stardust (diner) and we put the new registration stickers on the saturn.
back to wednesday night...the dorm seemed to decide (as it often does when i'm on duty) to go crazy! so loud, so drunk (even though some tried to claim they weren't), so uncool. and i was so tired. i'm still tired. and it's almost 1am what the hell. ok quickly finishing this up so i can sleepy.
thursday...dodgeball on thursday night, smith lost, sadness. hung out in b.s. for a while, back to the dorm, hung out w/ steve and deb while we watched "100 sexiest people" or something on VH1, got a call from KATE! which was awesome b/c we've been talking online all week and we never talk on the phone yaaaaay. we talked about how she's going to BELFAST in like...a month. lucky B. and i'm so happy that i went there so when she talks about the places she goes i can have a visual and i'll know what she's talking about!! aaaah so jealous. who wants to go visit her w/ me? and pay for my expenses? hmmm?
vicky also called me this week! aaaah i miss!!! she and kristin are coming home SOOOO SOON!!! i'm beyond excited. new years is going to be awesome (and not just b/c lisa is 21 now...but, not gonna lie, that is helpful.) and i can't wait :)
today i went to the Seton Hall library w/ my mom, grandma, and bro...checked out tons of books on Queen Elizabeth and how she conquered Ireland, and i'm going to write a nasty paper about how she did that. mwaha.
you people might luck out and get another blog from me sunday night b/c tomorrow i'm going to a christmas party thrown by my dad's fireman platoon, then sunday i'm helping out at the horseshow, so you never know what might happen. but so far the week's been pretty good, despite the lack of sleep, due to pesky timezones (although i thought colorado was 3 hours behind, apparantly it's only it was later there than i thought. interesting. for me, sorry!) and loud dorms and not running out of reasons to stay up late. which is soon to be due to LOTS OF PAPERS AND STUDYING. and i can't wait.
and now it's definitely time for le sleep. night night.


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