Saturday, December 11, 2004

have time for a quickie?

i hope so, b/c that's all i have time for! as i blog i'm staring at my "All the Things Keeping Me from Winter Break" list, better known as a ToDo list. and there are 11 things staring me back in the face. ELEVEN. including finals. that's a lot! wah.
soooo just to hit some highlights, the fireman christmas party was fun! except that this one guy my dad works with, chris robbins (like from winnie the pooh!) called my dad up and was like 'bobby just wanted to let you know i saw your daughter drinking a beer at the party' and my dad was like 'i know...i gave it to her' and chris said 'isn't she only 15???' and my dad was like 'uh...what?' i don't look 15, do i? i think he must've seen someone else's daughter, b/c i think it's obvious i'm no teenager.
aaand that's pretty much...the only thing you need to know about! today i went to the mall and did some christmas shopping with my fam!! that was fun, i didn't really buy anything though...well i bought one thing....and then i did lots of shopping for other people! yaaaay my friends will be so happy.
aaand DONE! see, i told you it was a quickie.
oh but i do have to say, VICKY AND KRISTIN ARE COMING HOME SOOOOO SOOOOOON!!!!! and they're going to visit me at school! kristin's never been here! prepare to not be so impressed! no just kidding. ok bye bye.


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