Friday, December 24, 2004

feliz navidad!

happy christmas eve!
recap of my last week of the semester: lots of papers, lots of finals, and lots of LATE NIGHTS. or i guess its really more like early mornings. for like 5 days in a row i didn't go to bed before 4am. why? i don't know. hahah. i mean i did some work but mostly it was just hanging out with the many people that like to hang out with my room! or i'd be down in someone else's room, so much fun though. and i still got like 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night. oh but by far the best night was...i guess it was tuesday night? when steve, jared, and i had fun with skype!!! ( which was crazy fun. b/c people kept skyping me and asking me to talk and i didn't want to, but then jared and steve decided to have some fun with it, and a guy from taiwan wanted to chat so they talked to him in their arnold schwarzennegger voice - hilarious. i was cracking up it was so funny. and it sounds mean, but they were nice to him they weren't making fun of him or anything like that! and i think it helped out with his english....howard from taiwan can now say "weight room" in english! yaaaay! that morning we actually all stayed up til 6am but i think jared had an exam to hand in at 8am so he just stayed up. craziness! but fun!
ummmm last friday there was a party at the baseball house that i went to! that was pretty fun i haven't been to a party in foreeeeever.
vicky and kristin are home!!!!! yaaaaay i'm so happy! i went to see kristin on the day it decided to snow and be nasty, which was scary driving back to school but the saturn pulled it off. then vicky came to visit me onnn tuesday i guess? yeah and we went out to dinner with some peeps!
oooh yum....'diamonds are forever' is on tv...i love sean connery. so hot.
alright i guess that's oh, wednesday night jeremy took me out to dinner! i haven't seen him in forever! then wednesday night i had a girl's night with some of the other RA's and that was fun :)
thursday i packed it up and all the smith Ra's had breakfast in RD colleen's apartment! and it was deliiiicious. mmmm yum. then we exchanged secret santa gifts and that was cool, i got a jack vettriano painting!! awesomeeeee. 'the waltzers' .
then headed home and unpacked my stuff, today i went out to lunch and then mass w/ the fam at 4p, then back home! all my presents are wrapped and they look so pretty! i can't wait til new years to hand them all out hehehe.
i'm gonna miss being at school over break, it hasn't really sunk in that i'll be at home with nothing to do for like 3.5 weeks...greaaaat. anyhoo,
i hope everybody has a good christmas eve and a great christmas!!!


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