Wednesday, December 15, 2004

accents are funny

hahaha the lady giving a presentation has a funny accent and she keeps saying "population" and it sounds hilarious. baaha.
anyway. it's only been 4 days since i wrote so that's weird b/c it feels like 4 MONTHS. i've been super busy. but after today the bulk of the non-finals work will be over. but i still have lots of work to do for finals week. yay. today i've already taken a quiz and given a presentation...oh and i wrote a paper for today last night. and i still have my 'terrorism' class where i will be a "hostage" for a groups presentation. which is kind of scary b/c the people being the terrorists are hardcore.
this past saturday i went up to the barn w/ kel and andrea, and andrea gave me a half hour lesson and kel videotaped it for class! it was soooo fun but my legs were like jello when i was finished, and my ankles were giving out and i couldn't walk correctly. but other than that, really fun!! i can't wait to ride again hopefully over break i will be able to b/c kel is working up at the barn and the trainers said it would probably be fine if she did. so that's fun.
ummm ok i think that's it...i mean really i've just been working my butt off and counting down the days til break!!
bye for now


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