Thursday, May 27, 2004

Guess what?! I have a Blog!

Welcome to the Blog of ME! I'm making this puppy so that I can keep everybody posted while I spend 7 weeks in Dublin this summer! Wheeee! I can't wait to get there I'm so excited. Just to update the Dublin info thus far: I'll be living with 7 other people in a 4 bedroom something (apartment or house, who knows?!) and doing an internship with one of Ireland's major political parties (won't know that til I get there, awesome.). 4 days a week I'll be doing that and I get 3 day weekends! And the last week I'm there I'll be free so I'll probably go up to Northern Ireland to visit Claire! A-whee! Hopefully I'll see her before that though.Anyway I couldn't be more excited for myself (and i'm sure you are too, don't deny it!) aaand I hope my blog is filled with fun stories by the end of my 7 weeks :) Enjoy!


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