Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Los Banditos!

ok #1: just found out there's an Ian Thorpe DVD titled "Ian Thorpe - Beneath the Suit"..and i think i should have that.
and #2: i love my girls! i had lots of fun, as usual, at lisa's house the past few days. kristin, vicky and i drove out to Bloomsburg in the Saturn on monday and it took almost 3 hours b/c of all the traffic on 80W..sucky. but we got there! and she drove down to the gate to let us in and we got the grand tour of her beautiful new manor - thing of beauty it is!!! really awesome and includes: elevator, movie theatre, sauna, and hot tub. and lots of other fun things! we went out to lunch at Town Perk which was very cute and nice and deliciouuuus. after that we stopped at a little card store, like hallmark but so much better b/c it was smaller and more intimate, but with MUCH better cards and gifts. and i bought fold and mail stationary..GUMBY! hehehe so cute. and theeen..what did we do. back to lisa's i think, to watch more olymipcs! which i think we were all obsessed with, honestly. mrs. katerman made us dinner which was excelente! and she and mr. katerman joined us and we had witty dinner banter and lots of laughs and were done in time to watch...MEN'S GYMNASTICS! on lisa's big ol' movie theatre screen. can we saaay, HOT?! and there was swimming also (ian vs. michael...conflicted!) and i think we were about 2 seconds away from drooling the entire time. or was that just me?
but it was so great, then we all camped out in lisa's room and talked for a couple hours before we finally fell asleep.
yesterday lisa had some appointments, so kristin and i helped her out while vicky stayed at the house (she was NOT feeling well, poor thing, needed to rest up). so we dropped off lisa's car at the Jeep place, took the saturn to the park and relaxed on a blanket with our books, kristin went for a run, then we took lisa to her haircut appointment and kris and i went to get her jeep and the people were running late so we had to wait in the waiting room. and there was a guy also waiting in there, and he had "montel" on REALLY loudly, and it was this woman recounting her son's story of how he was molested...rather graphically i might add. so i'm sitting there and the guy doesn't change the channel and the woman is saying like...nasty things and i felt really uncomfortable! and kristin stole 'martha stewart living'. hehe. then we took lisa her jeep and went back to the manor! and hung out until lisa came back. then we got ready to go out to dinner.
we went to Arizona Cafe for some mexican food (how appropriate for Los Banditos to do so!) and it was very good! but not the service. the food was quite delicious though. but we didn't we nachos and salsa like everybody else which was a bummer. and they didn't take credit cards (what? how? stupid.), but we all enjoyed our meal and i had the best quesadilla EVER! mmm.
then we drove over to the Drive-In and saw "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle" - very funny actually, and "Collateral" - ....not impressed. i liked jaime foxx a lot, but overall i think the movie was weak..i think. but i was distracted b/c 'the village' was playing next to us so i kept seeing joaquin phoenix and he's so gorgeous. oops.
got finished with those around 12:20a, so we headed back home, vicky passed out and kris, lis and i stayed up a little longer to have a midnight snack and chat, then we also passed out!
this morning lis went out and got us Dunkin Donuts coffee and bagels! thanks lis! and we all had some, so good! then we packed up and i took vicky's video camera and we did a Cribs style taping of the manor so i could show my parents how gorgeous it is. then lis drove w/ us to the gas station and we said our goodbyes :( miss you lisa!
the ride back to jersey was so much quicker i couldn't believe it, we made it in like half the time, and when we drove through blairstown, kristin wanted to drive through Blair, so we did that and ended up staying and talking to Ms. Conforti (old teacher and coach) for awhile, catching her up on our summer and talking about Blair things (including the possibility of teaching there ourselves...sooo weird! both b/c it's possible and b/c...that'd be so weird and cool!!!). by the time we were done it was dinner time, so the 3 of us went to Franks for some yummy pizza and finally got to my house around 6:30ish and kris and vic went on their way.
sooo...yeah. downloaded some songs...try "the killers"..they have a song called "somebody told me"'s really interesting and catchy! the more i hear it the more i like it, actually. but i do have to go watch some Olympics..b/c that's what i do. it could be my job, if only the Olympics came on more than every 2 years...i also think i need to find myself a Swimmer. b/c they are...yummy. rowr.
go download 'the killers' like i told you! and watch the Olympics!


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