Tuesday, July 20, 2004

sha sha

let's try this out for (font) size...haha! sorry, anywaaaaay...no i like this better. or maybe this is easier on the eyes..
alright so...just home for the night, had a good time! how can i not? i'm in dublin! had our last class tonight, which was not as good as i thought...not that i expected a super fun last class, but a guy from our office came in to talk about politics and i wasn't overly impressed...but nonetheless...no more class!
kat's mom arrived today after she missed her flight in newark and then the airline left her bags there...ouch. but after work she took kat, liz and me out to dinner at Captain America's...hahaha it was so fun! really cool place, kind of Ireland's version of Hard Rock Cafe. pics of u2 evvvvvvvverywhere, david bowie's guitars..then a random pic of brad pitt...which i enjoyed! had a pint of bulmers...aaaah going to miss that when i'm back home. has anybody even seen that sold in the states??? if you have, let me know so i can have a glimmer of hope.
we all walked kat's mom back to her hotel, then liz's friend andy called her and we all went to go meet him and some of his friends at the Exchequer Bar, where there was improv comedy going on! whee! sooo funny, good times, stayed there for about...2 hours. and the lead guy was hitting on kat but she wouldnt' go talk to him after the show, then we left the bar and started walking downt he wrong street but didn't realize it, had to turn around, went on the right street (keep in mind none of us had been drinking. well liz had 2 pints but we were all sober), then halfway down that street we had to turn around b/c kat was like 'no i wanna go talk to him' and liz had to use the bathroom, so we walk back in the bar...it's not a crowded bar, mind you, so people notice that we just left, went the wrong way, walked by again, continued the walking, and turned around and came back. then when we were leaving kat's man was leaving to have a cig and he turned around b/c liz said something loud and kat was like 'oh...hey good show' and she like sprinted past him hahahaha...then liz and i made fun of her for about 15 minutes. baaahaha!
ummm yeah just walked home, nothing out of the ordinary..except the guys on grafton waiting for the ATM who were pretend to hump each other...and they saw us giving htem weird looks and they were like 'oooh what you don't find this attractive?' and we all just started laughing b/c they looked/sounded so dumb...ha.
only 2 days left of work though..i'm kinda sad to tell you the truth, i've had fun doing it...even though i didn't get paid. oooh well!
alrighty (oooooo bulmer's light commercial! yahoo!) i'm off to sleepy (i feel like i end every blog with 'alrighty' or 'alright'...do i? am i boring? :( well that's what the e.e. cummings poems are for anyway.) niiiiiight!
*all history's a winter sport or three:
but were it five,i'd still insist that all
history is too small for even me;
for me and you,exceedingly too small.* - all ignorance toboggans into know


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