Friday, July 30, 2004

I'll Miss It

aaah dublin. today was my last day sad! but it was a good one, i made the most of it. well first this morning jess and i went over to say goodbye to kat..again, so sad! i'll really miss her but hopefully i'll be making my way to texas to visit her sometime. then jess and i went out to kilmanhaim gaol (jail) and took a really great tour and i got to see into prisoner cells and they took us out to the yard and was sad and somber but i'm really glad i saw it, i've been wanting to but just hadn't gotten the chance.
then we just walked around temple bar one last time and we went in urban outfitters b/c they had a tshirt in the window that said "i did justin three times" and i thought that was awesome so i wanted to see what else they had! (and no, i didn't buy the shirt...but i thought about it.). and we got lunch and ate it in st. stephen's green b/c it was so nice and sunny out! then we headed back home to finish packing and relax before we went out to dinner w/ susan and her sister, had fun, now i'm back home and all that's left to do is sleep! and get up at 6am for my 6:30 aircoach for my 9am flight that will land in paris then i take off again at 1:20p paris time, and i'm home by 3:30p!!!!!!! well, in philly at 330, then i have to drive at6!!! WOO! i am so excited i cannot wait. cannot! and i'm trying to figure out what i will do with myself for 8 hours on a plane...and i still don't know. but i'll think of something! like sleeping? hopefully i will nap a little b/c it'll be 11p my time when i get home and i don't wnat to be in bed at 6. but anyway...
dublin was incredible i'm so happy i had this experience, i wouldn't trade it for anything! and getting to travel this past week...aaah so amazing. but it's time for home and i can't wait to be back in the states with my friends and family!

*it may not always be so;and i saythat if your lips,which i have loved,should touchanother's,and your dear strong fingers clutchhis heart,as mine in time not far away;if on another's face your sweet hair layin such a silence as i know,or suchgreat writhing words as,uttering overmuch,stand helplessly before the spirit at bay;* - it may not always be so...


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