Monday, July 19, 2004

i got nothin

nothing clever for my title tonight, sorry about that people.
so apparantly when i thought my night was done last night, it was not! kat came over and told me they were going out, so out we went! oh and jess met us at kat's house...and kat's other roomie, also cat, had her guy friend over and he brought some guy friends...and i think they were just so ultra hyper (and drunk) and it was a little overwhelming to say the least. but we went out to The Barge and hung out there for 3 drinks (yes, i'm measuring time in drinks.), then we headed over to TramCo where Liz works so we could do some DANCIN! woohooo! and i finally had a Baby Guinness (a's kahula type stuff with baileys on top so it looks like a baby guinness! aw! and they're so delicous!)...well actually i had more than one, but that's no matter. hehe.
but it was such a good time, tons of people were dancing and there was awesome music on, he was playing such random stuff...i mean i never thought i'd be dancing to 'bloody sunday' by u2..but yet there i was, dancin away. then we realized it was 230am...oops. so we walked back home and i made my first, and only, trans-atlantic drunk dial. whaaaaa? crazy, i know. but i did it. sorrys all around for thaaaaaaat. so i've decided i am cutting myself off til brussels. yay!
today at work i just did the ies papers that are due tomorrow, a total of 8 pages of funnnnnnnn! yahoo. it really wasn't that bad, then after work kat and i went to Lush and i bought lots of fun stuff...not just for me...some lucky people are getting some super cool gifts!!!! la la la. i hope they open a Lush by me soon b/c until they do i have to make jess ship them to me from D.C. and that can get costly! who would think that soap could be so exciting?! then we went to eat at 'the alamo'..we couldn't resist. and it wasn't that good. oh well. then back home i went! took a shower, just relaxin...andt he one RA ian is here, i think he's doing his psychology experiment or something so i guess i'll do that in a little while...
i don't know if i talked about this in my other blog...but i'm coming home really soon! and it's sooo bittersweet. b/c kristin and lisa and vicky are making plans to get together for when i get back and i'm so excited to be back in the states, but i really love being here and it's been so awesome, i'm sad to leave :( but i'm making the best of the rest of my time overseas...scotland this coming weekend, brussels/luxembourg/brussels starting monday...back on thursday..possible visit from claire (!yay!), last minute buying and stuff on friday, fun plane ride on saturday. wheeee!
*(once like a spark)
if strangers meet
life begins-
not poor not rich
(only aware)
kind neither
nor cruel
(only complete)
i not not you
not possible;
only truthful
if strangers(whodeep our most are
(and so to dark)* - once like a spark...


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