Thursday, August 05, 2004


and the livin's easyyyy...for the next couple weeks anyway! then back to CC to train for RAness. which won't be fun. but maybe i should have a positive attitude about it?! i think i WILL BE FUN! i'll make it fun.
anywayyy let's see. on monday i met lisa down in blairstown and she followed me back to my house, we had dinner and vicky came over! we stayed up talking til about midnight, then vicky left and lisa and i were reading through magazines and catching up on things...kristin couldn't make it, sadly, b/c she had been up since 3am waiting at the italian consulate in nyc for her student visa! and that didn't help her at all b/c she wasn't feeling well, so she stayed at home to rest up for the beach fun on tuesday!
tuesday morning lis and i left the house early and were at vickys around 9, i piled in kristin's car with her and chris, and vicky rode with lisa. and off to the parkway we went! it was so gross out on our way down though, so hazy but i was kind of glad it wasn't totally sunny..made the sunburn factor a little lower.
made a quick stop at the Cheesequake Rest Stop and vic bought sunglasses, back on the road and after 2 close calls through the toll booth (lisa didn't see the need to WAIT! just b/c she has EZ pass. the nerve. jokes.) but we were at Point Pleasant by around 11:30a. paid $8 for a day of parking (grrrr) then $5.50 to get on the beach (grrrrrrrrrrrrr) but at least we got there early so i felt like i got my moneys worth, ya know? so we staked out a good place on the beach and planted ourselves there for the remainder of the day, putting on 30spf sunblock on the hour, every hour. and yet....still got burned. but in really weird there's a spot on my ankle and a spot on my odd.
then of course we got the token annoying mom camped out next to us, and her little boy just happends to be named "Mason" which is one of my top 3 baby boy names. or WAS. until she decided to say "Mason look at mommy! Look at Mommy, Mason! Mason! Mason look at the camera!" ABOUT EVERY 2 SECONDS. not even exaggerating. so i was really turned off to the name since i heard it around 5000 times. but hopefully i'll recover. b/c i really love that name. then there was a young couple...still in high school i think, and they were all cuddly on their blanket, but i guess after the were in the water they didn't want to bother with towels, and they were just rolling around in the sand...which i guess would have been cute but i couldn't shake the feeling of having sand ALL OVER ME. and in my hair and stuff...ugh i couldn't see romantic in that. so kristin got up to go get some water and had to walk by them, and all of a sudden chris says 'oh my god she's taking their picture' and i turn around to see what appears to be kristin going in someone else's purse and rummaging through it for something. we were all very confused until she took out a camera and took a picture of the sand covered duo for them...ah, all clear!
we packed up our stuff around 5 and went back to the cars to put away our things and go find something to eat, which resulted in...mexican! which was good, except there was a strange man who had finished a bottle of wine, alone, sitting next to us and he was odd. then our server was kind of clueless to the point of coming off as rude. but the food was yummy, i thought! but when we went to pay the bill the manager saw that we had separate checks (apparantly not allowed at this place) and was like 'well she shouldn't have done that. we don't DO separate checks.' like he was gonna go fire her or something! i felt bad. then lisa got into a conversation with him about why he doesn't, and how he should change his policy..not in a rude way just a helpful friendly kind of way. then when i went to pay my check the woman asked me if i owned a restaurant....? do i give off that "i own a restaurant" vibe? whatever vibe that may be?
lisa left us to go down to Avalon for some more sun filled beach days, and the rest of us headed back home! overall a very fun day and i'm happy we went..despite the sunburn! damn sun! evil UV rays! actually vicky ended up sleeping over and we watched "Cold Mountain"...which was...good? i think? i might have to watch it again, i have mixed feelings.
yesterday i went down to Ridgefield Park with my mom and we watched my Uncle Alex and Donna's little girls (ashley is almost 2 and jenna is 6 weeks old) while they went through their attic and packed it up...they're moving to a gorgeous house in Toms River...lucky. so that was really fun but challenging. but i love babies so mostly it was fun :)
today was slow, just did stuff around the house, but saturday i'm going to a wedding! wheee! the first non-family wedding i've ever been to, i believe. jeremy's brother is getting married so i'm going as Jer's date! i'm excited i haven't been to a wedding in forever and i love them! sunday is the joint welcome home me/happy birthday grandma party, then monday we're off to LBI til friday! i just live in a whirlwind now don't i. no not really.
i have been depriving you of e.e. lately, so enjoy!

*love being such,or such,
the normal corners of your heart
will never guess how much
my wonderful jealousy is dark* - supposing i dreamed this)


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