Thursday, July 22, 2004

last day at work *sad face*

yes yes, very sad. so yesterday was wednesday, what did i doooo on as usual, i went home for lunch so kat could have some mama/daughter time...but it was really nice going home b/c i had the apartment all to myself and it was quiet and i just relaxed for a little while. oh i also went to the bank to cash the rest of my traveler's checks, and the woman totally tried to rip me off. they were already in Euros, and she gave me cash for the amount they would be from Dollars to Euros..and i was like 'whoa lady. don't try to rip me off.' i didn't really say that, i just politely pointed out that they were already in Euro and she promptly apologized and gave me the rest of my money! woo! ummm, back to work, did some work, left around 4:30 b/c we were done with stuff.
i walked over to the Tourism Office to pick up stuff for my mom (she didn't buy enough when she was here, apparantly), then i went to Carroll's irish gifts and bought myself a duffel bag that's Dublin colors and has the Dublin patch on the side and guessed it...DUBLIN! but not in huge annoying letters, no worries. theeen i went to Marks&Spencers and bought myself some dinner and decaf tea bags for mom, went home, created a beautiful meal via microwave, then went to meet kat and her mom at the Savoy (movie theatre on o'connell) and we saw Spiderman i know i've already seen it, but i knew i'd like it better if i saw tobey's adorable face (and large muscles.) on the big screen. and whadda know, i did like it the second time around! i think b/c i didn't expect sooo much. i still think aunt may needs to go. but it was fun i'm glad i saw it in the movies. but the theatre was weird b/c when we walked in, the seats were in front of you walk in down the bottom, so i was startled to see rows full of people staring at me as i walked in...
went home after the movie, started to pack but got bored, took a shower, went to sleeeeep.
today cathy (from work) took kat and i out to lunch at Fado, lovely. we sat outside and its gorgeous out today, had a great meal. then cathy gave us Labour coffee mugs (! yay!) and posters to take home, we worked on some stuff..and now i think we're ready to leave :( it's sad, i really liked working here. plus if i'm done with work, that means (wait, hold the phone...mike just came in and said that he'd take kat and i out for a driiink! wooooo!) i must go, we have to run to newman house, then back here, then away to do whatever we're doin tonight.



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